Cuisine Intensive: Chinese

These recipes, tips and techniques will infuse your menu with a little Far East flavor.
Chinese IntensiveCuisine Intensive

Perfumed with sesame oil, seasoned with hoisin or soy sauce, an authentic Chinese meal echoes thousands of years of tradition, aromas savored by ancient philosophers and emperors, peasants and artists. Cooks seek balance and harmony by pairing yin (cooling) ingredients with yang (warming) ones. Colors, flavors, textures, even cooking methods combine to reflect medicinal properties as well as philosophy: Slip ginger into a chicken dish to soothe a cough, or slurp a birthday bowl of noodles in search of longevity. Like an exquisitely flavorful puzzle, a Chinese meal connects food with its significance, its purpose and its history.

In a country so vast, culinary traditions, history, regional cooking styles, let alone recipes would take many lifetimes to learn. But everyone must start somewhere. And that's where we come in.

Join us on this culinary journey and explore some of the key ingredients, cooking methods, recipes and cookbooks about this glorious cuisine. We'll whet your appetite, give you hands-on practice and suggest where to go next. All the while staying focused on what's healthful and delicious.

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