Editors’ Picks: Our Favorite Power Foods

We love the Weight Watchers Power Foods! Check out our favorites.
chick pea

What’s so great about Weight Watchers Power Foods? Not only are they delicious (in fact, they’re probably the most delicious things you’ll ever eat that also qualify as being described as “tools”), they’re also incredibly versatile. Subscribers can browse thousands of recipes that contain your favorite Power Foods, but to whet your appetite, the WeightWatchers.com editors have shared their favorite Power Foods, along with some ideas for preparing them.

Our top picks

I love my chick pea snack. I drain and rinse a can, then spread them onto a cookie sheet that has been sprayed with olive oil spray. I spray the beans, add some salt and pepper and place in the oven (about 350°) for about 20 minutes. I want the beans to get a bit crispy on the outside and still soft on the inside. I take my half-cup serving and add some additional spice; Tabasco, chili power, garlic or a sprinkling of grated Parmesan cheese. It’s a snack that really hits the spot; picking them up like popcorn satisfies my need to pick.
Anita Sado, Community Editor

I love blueberries, and if you buy the frozen ones, they’re affordable all year round. I mix them with my breakfast cereal and fat-free Greek yogurt while they’re still frozen, and it’s like having an ice cream sundae for breakfast. Bulgur is the best grain you’ve probably never used; it barely needs cooking (it picks up the flavor of any liquid you soak it in) and is a fantastic base for salads, stews, soups, even hot and sweet breakfasts. And finally, I’m really into lean pork chops at the moment. The flavor is just so much more complex than chicken breasts. I marinate them for a little while in soy sauce and lime zest, or just brush them with sweet chili sauce, and broil them until they’re sticky and sweet.
Elly Trickett McNerney, Executive Editor

Cauliflower is filling, delicious and high in fiber, and you can put it in a blender with fat-free sour cream and light butter and pretend you’re eating mashed potatoes. Edamame with salt is a great snack — a Power Foods alternative to chips. Whole wheat macaroni is filling, and I like to make a casserole with tons of veggies and tuna. And finally, eggplant makes a great pasta substitute in vegetarian lasagna — and a great dip too if you roast it and put it in the blender with some garlic and fat-free Greek yogurt.
Dominique Potter, French-Canada Editor

I use veggies, fresh or frozen, to make canned soups more hearty and filling. Fat-free Greek yogurt with fruit (and/or honey, Splenda, cinnamon, whatever you feel like…) makes a great dessert, breakfast or snack. I use ground turkey breast to make turkey tacos. With the seasoning packet it tastes a lot like beef! Frozen grapes are a great snack. And if I want something a bit different, I make a dessert of mixed berries, a little sugar and balsamic vinegar.
Mary Elizabeth Hurn, Associate Editor/Success Stories Coordinator

I love quinoa — that nice snap when I bite into it, the way it goes so well with everything and seems so substantial. It’s a great go-to ingredient to have cooked and waiting in the fridge, so I find myself making double and triple batches more often than not. I love it in salads and sides, and I love mixing it with other grains. I love making it for people who’ve never tried it, and I love that I can buy it pre-rinsed!
Lisa Chernick, Executive Food Editor

Barley is a great Weight Watchers Power Food, and you can sneak it into loads of different recipes. I add cooked barley to my meatloaf mixture. It’s a much more nutritious binder than bread crumbs. And it has wonderful texture, too.
Leslie Fink, MS, RD, Recipes Editor

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