17 Empowering Weight-Loss Words

17 Empowering Weight Loss Words

What if the secret to weight-loss success was within 17 little words? Would you write them down and look at them every time you were having trouble? Words hold an incredible power and the words you use to associate with your weight-loss journey are vital to your success. For example, think about what a difference it would make if every time you talked about Weight Watchers you said you "choose" to do it, instead of you "have" to do it.

It may seem like a subtle difference at first, but being consistent about using empowering words can make a big difference, You've probably heard your Leader and other meeting members discuss how words can inspire and motivate, and how they can give you strength, hope and courage. Look at this list of 17 super-empowering words:

  1. Prepare.
  2. Care.
  3. Believe.
  4. Forgive.
  5. Change.
  6. Risk.
  7. Listen.
  8. Choose.
  9. Relax.
  10. Pray.
  11. Persist.
  12. Smile.
  13. Focus.
  14. Act.
  15. Trust.
  16. Accept.
  17. Wait.

Which is your favorite? When you have a free moment, go through the list again and ask yourself how each word could help you lose weight. At your next meeting, ask the friends around you which words they use to help them through hard times.

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