What Is Your Weight Costing You?

Weight loss can seem like a price proposition. But our community members share just how much they've saved in the long run.

Sometimes, weight loss can seem like a pricey proposition. You're filling your fridge with more fresh (and perishable) food, you might have joined a gym or invested in workout clothes and ultimately, you may need to buy new clothes for your new, slimmer shape.

But the costs to your health if you don't lose the weight can be much greater. When people adjust to living a healthier lifestyle, they end up saving money by eating at home more, and some even spend less on medical expenses related to health complications. Our community members share why they put their money where their mouth is — and why it's worth every penny.

A Pantry Overhaul is a Small Investment
Those first few shopping trips after joining Weight Watchers can seem daunting and expensive. Ridding your kitchen of junk food and stocking it with healthy fare might mean higher grocery prices than your regular weekly shopping trip. But if you've already committed to losing weight, why keep tempting foods in your home?

"I still have to argue with myself that I'm worth the price of fresh fruit and veggies. But my newfound sense of self-confidence and energy makes it all totally worthwhile." –MARTHA3825

"A whole-grain loaf of bread and a package of turkey makes more than a week's worth of lunches and costs less than two fast-food meals." –PERKINSCL

Spend on Weight Loss, Save on Medical Bills
You know the proverb about eating an apple and staying out of the doctor's office? Well, there's some truth to that. Making wise food choices and losing weight can help improve certain health problems, and even help some people use less medication.

"Before Weight Watchers, I used oxygen on a daily basis in order to walk anywhere. Now I can walk more before I need to rest – and without oxygen! I'm lighter and feeling great." –LESSAME62

"Seven prescription medications for various medical ailments before I lost weight were about $70 a month and additional doctor visits were approximately $300 a month. I'm more than willing to pay the price for healthier foods!" –LORELI115

"I breathe more easily when I sleep, my back problems have gone way down, I don't get as many migraines as I used to and I can move and dance again. That, to me, is priceless." –MERMADELOVE

"When my husband complains about the cost of 'healthy' food, my response is, 'It's cheaper than a heart attack.'" –REBELGIRL1972

A Happier Life is Priceless
"I'm paying for a trainer, gym memberships, and the slightly higher cost of portion-controlled food — because I just don't trust myself yet — but I spent years spending way too much on fast food, junk food, and eating out. When I took a hard look at my finances, the added cost of working out and eating healthy is nothing compared to the unhealthy way I lived before." –SONIYA1976

"Losing weight does cost us something — money and time — but not losing can cost so much more. It can cost you self-respect, promotions, money, life experiences and life itself. We can do this! Whatever the cost, we can do it. The payoff in the end will be huge." –CATHOLICCOUG

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