Community Talks: "How I Stay Motivated"

Our Community users reveal how they keep focused to achieve their goals.

At the end of a long, tiring day, it's easy to forget the big picture and be tempted into unhealthy behavior. Here's how some of our Community users stay on track:

BAMBAM66 posted a thread asking Community users what motivates them in their weight-loss efforts. After being featured as a Hot Topic on the Community page, this thread took off and you responded with eight pages worth of posts! Here are some of the reasons you're focused on certain goals.

"I don't want the quality of the years I have left compromised by obesity-related disease," — MURPLE.

"I did not go through eight months of chemotherapy to then die of the complications of being overweight. I have a lot to accomplish in life; I can easily and effectively accomplish change when I'm full of energy and not short of breath." — RHONNI

"I don't want people to ever say, 'See, I told you he would gain it back.'" — SAM.COLE

"I want to turn heads when I walk down the street." — SHAHIDA

"I want to really begin living life, [and] stop avoiding experiences because of my weight." — SCULLY75

"I have a family history of weight problems and I don't want to accept [obesity] — I want to break the mold." — ZIG1954

"Now that I have lost all the weight, gotten married and am going to have a baby, my motivation is all about being the best me... My baby needs me for at least 50 more years!" — 200SHOES

"I look at my grandkids and know I want to be around for the great moments in their lives."

— #1GRAN

"The thing that keeps me motivated is that it makes absolutely no sense not to keep going. Once you're able to flip your thinking upside down and realize that this is a totally doable program, then it no longer makes any sense not to do the program..." — CATHIEARMS

"I'm teaching my children that life doesn't revolve around McDonald's." — MH1222

"I realized I was getting lazy, and taking the dog for shorter and shorter walks." — THEWENCH

"I want to be able to jump up on my horse this spring like I used to before the extra weight made it more difficult. The horse is looking forward to my successes almost as much as I am." — BCOBB98

"I am a 2nd-degree black belt, and almost 55. My goal is go get to Master's (5th degree) by 60. If I don't make it because of my knees, that's one thing. If I don't make it because of my weight, that would be a drag." — KOJIANDKIRA

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