Restaurant Cuisines

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The Fast Food Survival Guide
8 essential tips for healthier drive-thru dining.

Cuisine of the Day: The Diner
From turkey sandwiches to egg-white omelets, your average diner menu contains tons of on Plan options.

Cuisine of the Day: Japanese
Savor Japanese food and stay within your PointsPlus™ budget with sushi, sukiyaki and shabu-shabu.

Cuisine of the Day: Mexican
Flavorful Mexican food can delight the palate with fewer PointsPlus™ values than you might think.

Panini: Gourmet Sandwiches for Dinner
Elevate the everyday sandwich with a little heat and the perfect combination of ingredients.

Cuisine of the Day: The Burger Joint
Can a juicy burger and golden fries be a dish for dieters?

What to Eat at the Stadium
Enjoy opening day (or the whole season!) without letting concession-stand snacks declare open season on your waistline.

The Restaurant Survival Guide
Use these insider tips to be a finer — and wiser — diner.

The Pub Grub Guide
Bar food is notoriously salty, fatty and tasty. Here's how to enjoy the grub without gaining.

Cuisines of the Day
Whatever you're in the mood for, we have smart suggestions on what to order.

Dining Out Dos and Don'ts
Afraid dinner out will ruin your diet before you even start your entrée? These 10 dos and don'ts will help.

Cuisine of the Day: The Steakhouse
An evening of red meat doesn't have to mean dieting disaster.

Cuisine of the Day: Chinese
Find your golden dish with this helpful list.

Cuisine of the Day: French
Ooh-la-la. Your favorite French bistro has more lean options than you think.

Cuisine of the Day: Greek
Savor a souvlaki, go crazy for baba ghanoush and adore a dolma.

Cuisine of the Day: Indian
From spicy to yogurt-infused, some Indian options are better than others.

Cuisine of the Day: Italian
Enjoying traditional Italian food on plan can be easy as pie.

Cuisine of the Day: The Jewish Deli
Does a deli menu make you think oi vayh? There are better options than you think.

Cuisine of the Day: Middle Eastern
There is more to Middle Eastern cuisine than meets the eye.

Cuisine of the Day: The Pizzeria
Pizzerias may seem off limits, but think again.

Cuisine of the Day: Thai
Distinct flavors like lemongrass and coconut make this Asian cuisine unique.

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