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Get Ready for the Holidays
The holidays won't sabotage your weight loss, as long as you're prepared.

Is Foot Pain Slowing You Down?
Plantar fasciitis could be to blame. Check out the symptoms and treatment of this all-too-common condition.

Choosing Your Perfect Weight Goal
Great information and advice about deciding on your final number.

Get on Back-to-School Track
Something about fall makes us all feel like students again. Take advantage of that "fresh start" feeling with these healthy ideas.

How to Eat Mindfully – Anytime, Anywhere
Expert tips on how to pay attention to your meal – even when you’re multitasking at work, in your car or with the kids.

Breakfast: Your Secret Weapon
What do bagels, bran cereal and bananas have in common? They're good-for-you breakfast foods that might help keep you on the weight-loss straight and narrow.

Sleep Deprivation and Weight
Those who are sleep-deprived are more likely to be obese and have medical problems.

Facing Down the #1 Health Threat to Women
Breast cancer is foremost in many women's minds, but heart disease is the nation's No. 1 killer, and women are the prime target.

Bone Up on Calcium
Sure, calcium's good for your bones. It could also help ward off cancer of the colon and breast, and may even out mood swings associated with PMS.

Potassium Powerhouses
Potassium-rich foods might help lower your risk of high blood pressure. Here's how to get more of this mineral.

Find Motivation Where You Least Expect It
Too harried to be healthy? Get your motivation back on track by indulging in a little me time. These ideas are worth making time for.

Fertility and Your Weight
Dropping just 5 to 10 percent of your body weight can increase your chances of having a baby.

Spring into Action Challenge: Week 4
Summer is right around the corner — are you ready? After our four-week challenge, you will be!

Spring into Action Challenge: Week 3
Summer is right around the corner — are you ready? After our four-week challenge, you will be!

Spring into Action Challenge: Week 2
Summer is right around the corner — are you ready? After our four-week challenge, you will be!

Secrets Leaders Love to Share
Who better to offer stay-on-track advice than Leaders who've seen and done it all?

Why Target 10 Percent?
This initial weight-loss goal comes complete with great physical and emotional benefits.

How To Love Your New Body
Even a 10-lb weight loss can leave you feeling like a new person – one you might have a hard time recognizing. Get comfortable in your new, slimmer body with these feel-good ideas.

How to Banish Bad Habits
Think you can't live without a cigarette, biting your nails or slapping thick butter on your bread? You can! Giving up bad habits can be as easy as 1, 2, 3.

The Success Secret You May Not Know You Have
Mindfulness and positive self-talk can help you reach your goal.

Talking Beans, Beauty and Balance with Gabby Reece
We found out how this busy athlete, mother and author makes health a priority.

Staying Motivated When You Can't Work Out
A sprained ankle or even a head cold can be enough to make you revert to bad habits. Here are some of your best tips and tricks to stay on Plan when you’re sidelined.

Keep Skin Glowing All Winter Long
You may be buried under layers, but you can still take care of your skin. Get a healthy glow with these tips from a top dermatologist.

What's Your Weight-Loss Mantra?
Sometimes all you need to stay on Plan is a little nugget of sound advice. Find an inspirational phrase or quote that works for you, then repeat as needed.

Take Charge at the Cafeteria
There are ways to control what you eat when you're not in control of the kitchen.

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