More Ways to Be Active

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The Workout Pal Who Never Lets You Down
Friends may cancel on you, but your four-legged buddy is always up for some exercise. Match your dog's breed to the workout that's right for you both.

Winter Walking: Making It Work
Cold weather doesn't mean you have to give up fitness walking. Outside or in, here are tips to help you make it through the winter.

Energize Your Holiday Spirit
Follow our nutrition and fitness tips to stay energized and upbeat all season long.

Running FAQs
Even if you haven't run since high school gym class, with this expert advice you'll be off and running in no time.

The Couch Potato Workout
Getting in shape doesn't mean permanently turning off the tube. Here's how to incorporate exercise into TV time.

9 Ways to Get Fit Without Joining a Gym
There are fun workout opportunities right outside your front door – no membership required. Here’s how to find them.

Why Cardio Boxing is Right for You
Want to float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, and get slim and toned while you do it? Give cardio boxing a try.

7 Super-Fun Fitness Swaps
Stuck in an exercise rut? These fitness swaps have everything you love about your current workout, minus the boredom.

Walking Clinic Part 1: Rev Up Your Walking Routine
Lace up your sneakers and get those legs moving! Whether you're new to walking or ready to try a marathon, we've got the perfect plan for you.

Fit in a Minute: Sideline Toners
Don’t park your butt on the bench – get up and try these easy firming moves. Weight Watchers fitness expert Jennifer Cohen demonstrates.

Get Ready for the Big Walk
Our expert reveals 11 tips to help prepare for race day.

The Water Workout
Suit up! Swimming can be a refreshing change from your usual workout.

Fit In a Minute: Anywhere Fitness
Stuck in line at the supermarket? At the playground with the kids? Squeeze in these fast, fun toning moves from Weight Watchers fitness expert Jennifer Cohen.

Fun Vacation Toners
No matter where you’re headed – the beach, the mountains or somewhere in between – there’s a fun new activity right outside your hotel room door.

Latin American Dancing
Cha Cha Cha your way to your nearest class.

The Couple That Sweats Together...
... Stays healthy together. So make your next date night (or day) an active one, with these fun, high-energy ideas.

Yoga for Weight Loss
Certain types of yoga can burn up to 9 calories per minute. Here's how to choose the right style.

How to Get the “Afterburn” Effect in Your Workout
Get smart about your workout with this info from Shape magazine and you'll burn calories long after your sneakers are off.

Master this Move: The Goblet Squat
From Shape magazine: This awesome butt-sculpter forces you into proper form so you'll get the max benefits from every squat you do.

6 Exercise Tips to Shake Up Your Workout Routine for Summer
Try these amazing plateau-busting fitness tips from Shape magazine

3 No-Sweat Workplace Workouts
These mini workouts will help keep you active and alert – whether you are stuck at your desk, spend your time behind the wheel, or are on your feet all day.

The Beginner’s Guide to Running a 5K
If running even one mile sounds intimidating, follow this simple plan from Shape magazine to rock your first 5K!

Fit in a Minute: Backyard Set
Take advantage of that lush green lawn with this playful toner. Weight Watchers fitness expert Jennifer Cohen demonstrates this fun, firming crab walk.

Post-Workout Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making
From Shape magazine: Reap the benefits of your workout routine long after you leave the gym by avoiding these common training traps

Ready, Set … Golf!
How to stay on par in five simple steps

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