Everyday Strategies

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Surviving Happy Hour
You don't have to be a teetotaler to stay on track

Holiday Survival: One Woman's Story
A heartwarming day of family, food, and festivity doesn't have to turn into a nutritional nightmare.

Community Talks: Thanksgiving Day Activities
Thanksgiving is filled with family, fun and food, but often laziness gets the better of us. Here are some enjoyable ways to avoid grogginess and the TV.

Hungry Girl Goes... Off to Survive Thanksgiving!
Let's jump right into it — here are my Top "Ate" tips for surviving Thanksgiving!

Have a Guilt-Free Thanksgiving
Go ahead and have a slice of that pumpkin pie! We'll show you how to enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday without feeling as though you're competing with the turkey in the stuffed stakes.

Community Talks: Thanksgiving 101
Every November, the WeightWatchers.com Message Boards hum with Thanksgiving-related panics. Here's how our Community users stay focused, sane — and on plan.

16 Ways to Have a Healthy Holiday Season
Here's a holiday list you shouldn't miss: 16 super-easy, almost effortless ways to be healthier in the busy weeks ahead.

Plan Your Own Success Story
The next Success Story could be you. How to make it happen.

Your Fall Preparedness Guide
As the leaves fall and the air chills, it's tempting to let bad habits creep back in. After all, we’re no longer worrying about looking great in a bathing suit. Follow our tips for staying on track when the nights draw in.

Not Where You Want to Be?
Disappointed with your weight-loss efforts since you started? Put it in perspective with our four expert strategies.

Portion Sizes When Dining Out
Tips for gauging portion sizes when dining away from home.

Lunchtime? Practice Perfect Packing
How can you make sure you're eating a healthy lunch? Bring it yourself. Read on for our tips, and favorite portable recipes.

Not Going Back: Bob and Cindy
After 25 years of marriage, Bob and Cindy discovered a new dimension to marital bliss: weight loss. Little did they know that Weight Watchers could not only help save their lives, but also mend their marriage.

Combat Those 3 p.m. Cravings
They've struck again—the mid-afternoon munchies. Here's how to fight them.

Budget Party Tips for a Festive Fourth
Decorate your space — indoors or out — with tips from HGTV's expert, Sabrina Soto.

Business Travelers’ Portable Tip Guide
Plan ahead, so that travel for work doesn't derail your weight-loss plan.

Use Your Gut to Lose Your Gut
Being aware of your inner thoughts — about eating as well as other things — can help you immensely. Here's how to tune into your intuition.

Take the Day Off This Mother's Day
Easy, healthy recipes Dad can help the kids cook for you.

Mother Knows Best
The Weight Watchers Community shares the best (and worst) advice their moms ever gave them.

Turn Sabotage Into Support
Sometimes the people who love you most can stand in the way of your weight goals. Here's how to get them on your side.

Hungry Girl Goes… in Search of EZ Shakes!
Whether you need a mid-afternoon snack or an after-dinner dessert fix, I've got you covered. These blended beverages are guilt-free and easy to whip up… double score!

April Fools On You
No joke: These silly weight-loss tricks will really work!

Rise and Shine Challenge: Week 4
Shake off those winter blues and welcome spring with this fun, invigorating challenge!

Food Q&A: Valentine’s Day Chocolates (To Give or Not To Give)
How can I celebrate this holiday without forcing chocolate on others?

Spring into Action Challenge: Week One
Summer is around the corner — are you ready? After our four-week challenge, you will be!

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