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More Community. More Coaching. More Weight Loss!

Rejoin Workshops—our all-access membership—for live support, Coaching, and a member community like no other. Get all the essential tools for weight loss, plus MORE perks, accountability, and built-in backup.

It’s proven: Social support helps people lose more weight.

†Kiernan M, Moore SD, Schoffman DE, et al. Social support for healthy behaviors: scale psychometrics and prediction of weight loss among women in a behavioral program. Obesity. 2012; 20(4):756–764.

The Community/Weight-Loss Link

WW Workshop members lose two times more weight than if they did it on their own.†† Let us explain:

  • One reason? More accountability. “Doing something with a group makes you more likely to do it consistently because you want to show up not just for you but also for them,” says WW behavioral scientist Allison Grupski, Ph.D.

  • Then comes the confidence boost. “Research suggests that, when we face obstacles, we are psychologically stronger when we’re not on our own,” Grupski explains.

††DF Tate et al., 12-month randomized multi-country trial comparing weight loss between the WW program to a do-it-yourself approach where resource guides were provided. Under review. Funded by WW International, Inc. Results may vary.

Workshop Attendance Is Way Up

If your group felt sparse in 2021 due to the pandemic, release the feel-good endorphins: 1,100 Workshops are now open, and attendance is up! Plus, spots are no longer limited and you don’t have to book in advance. Just. Show. Up. (As often as you like!) Can’t make it in person? Tune in to a Virtual Workshop from the comfort of your home.

Weight-Loss Essentials, Right from Your Smartphone

When you’re not at a Workshop, access behavior change techniques, healthier meal inspiration, and more—all a tap away on your cell phone.

✓ Your customized nutrition plan and Points® Budget

✓ Trackers for food, weight, activity, water, and sleep

✓ A barcode scanner to quickly learn the Points value of packaged foods

✓ 12,000-plus recipes and a robust restaurant database

✓ On-demand workouts for all levels

✓ 24/7 Coach chat—no bots here

Hurry, offer ends today:

Get half off

For the rest of the year
(Unlimited Workshops + Digital) Purchase of plan required.

Workshops Change Lives

We aren’t being hyperbolic. Take it from our members!

WW member
Jacqueline S., lost 55 lbs**

“WW’s community is everything. I really love in-person Workshops. It’s nice to be around people who get you. You need that.”

**People following the WW program can expect to lose 1 to 2 pounds per week. Featured members lost weight on a prior program and are continuing on PersonalPoints™.