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Half Gallon Water Bottle - front of bottle
Half Gallon Water Bottle with labels including motivational markets, carrying handle, and 64 oz capacity
Half Gallon Water Bottle lid with sipping cap
Half Gallon Water Jug pictured with fitness gear
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Half-Gallon Water Bottle

Hydration is key in your weight-loss journey, and this BPA free half gallon water bottle (64 oz.) can help you hit your water–tracking goals. Made of Tritan plastic, this super strong water jug will help you stay hydrated. Water you waiting for?

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Why We Love This

Our reusable Half-Gallon Water Bottle helps you stay hydrated and get your eight (glasses) a day. This 64-ounce water jug allows for easy tracking and portability (it has a removable strap and carrying handle!). Our half gallon water bottle features a wide opening for ice cubes or fruits to add flavor. Plus, a reusable water bottle is a more sustainable option than plastic bottles!

Why You'll Love This

Healthy Living
Easy to Use
Dishwasher Safe

The Highlights

No matter where you're starting from or how much time you have, boosting hydration with the help of our half gallon water bottle will get you moving toward your best self

Hydration is key in your weight-loss journey, and this 64-ounce water jug can help you hit your water-tracking goals.
  • Our half-gallon water bottle is dishwasher-safe, made of Tritan™ plastic 
  • Fill water jug to the indented line for half gallon (64-ounce) capacity 
  • Water jug's motivational timed-tracking marks encourage you to stay on track with hydration 
  • Easy-to-use sipping cap makes half gallon bottle easy to drink from. Cap snaps closed and can be removed for cleaning 
  • Bottle Dimensions: 10 ¾” high x 5” diameter

Hydration Helpers

Meet our favorite pairings for the half gallon water bottle: water flavor enhancers. Fill your water jug to the top, because fun flavors make it easier to hit your hydration goals. Try WW favorites like refreshing Watermelon Mint, sweet Peach & Passionfruit, or spicy Lemon Ginger.

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