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Water pitcher with white top. Comes with three water filters.

Drinkpod 8 Stage Alkaline Water Pitcher 2.5L Capacity Includes 3 Filters

Enjoy crisp, refreshing water with the Drinkpod Alkaline Water Pitcher. Designed with an ergonomic handle for easy carrying and pouring and a slim design for storing, it makes it easy to stay hydrated throughout the day.

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Why We Love This

Drinking water can help you lose weight, so we’re making it easier to hydrate. Skip sugary, high-SmartPoints beverages with this alkaline water filter pitcher featuring 8-step filtration technology to remove harmful contaminants. Keeping fresh, filtered water—minus all the plastic water bottle waste—by your side has never been easier.

Why You'll Love This

Dishwasher Safe

The Highlights

No matter where you're starting from or how much time you have, we'll help you get moving toward your best self.

The 2.5L Drinkpod Alkaline Water pitcher is designed to purify and naturally ionize your tap water with it's 8 stage water filter, giving it a refreshing and crisp taste.
•High pH Ionized Water, 2.5 Liter Capacity
•Stage Alkaline Water Filter
•Large Filter Capacity provides 1500 cups/96 gallons/350 liters per filter.
•Modern Space Savings Design that fits on any counter as well as a refrigerator shelf.
•Includes an Extra 2 Alkaline Water Filters (3 in box)
•BPA Free
•Dishwasher Safe

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