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Cuisinart BBQ Defrosting Tray
Cuisinart BBQ Defrosting Tray - package
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Cuisinart BBQ Defrosting Tray - meat
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Cuisinart® BBQ Defrosting Tray

Short on time? Grab the Cuisinart BBQ Defrosting Tray for meat, vegetables, and more to thaw in half the time it would take on your kitchen counter.

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Why We Love This

When 5 o’clock hits and your burger patties are still in the freezer, just take them out and place them on the Cuisinart BBQ Defrosting Tray. Due to its highly conductive thermal material, the tray will thaw chicken breasts, steak, pork chops, lamb chops, vegetables, and more in less than half the time of sitting on your kitchen counter at room temperature. 

Why You'll Love This

Hand Wash
Great Value
Easy to Use

The Highlights

No matter where you’re starting from or how much time you have, we’ll help you get moving toward your best self.

The Cuisinart BBQ Defrosting Tray thaws your barbecue meats and veggies quickly and thoroughly.
  • The aluminum material is lightweight and easy to use.
  • The tray is made with a highly conductive thermal material that quickly and naturally transfers warmth evenly across the surface of your food. 
  • To clean, use mild soap and a soft sponge or cloth.
  • 13.8 by 7.7 by 0.5 inches

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