Success Stories

Shana Found Her “Why”

When WW Freestyle debuted in Shana’s meeting room, she got worried—until she realized she could lose weight and feel more satisfied than ever.

Shana, Meetings, Lost 54 lbs*

*People following the Weight Watchers plan can expect to lose 1–2 lbs per week.  Shana lost weight on a prior program and on WW Freestyle™.

In Shana’s words:

When I first joined Weight Watchers in 2008, I fell in love with the program. The amount of support I received from the meetings was priceless, and it has made me an advocate for Weight Watchers ever since. I’ve had successes and failures over the years, but I know the program always works. That’s why, after I had my third (and final!) child in March 2017, I decided to head back to Weight Watchers. When my “why” changed from “looking good” to “being healthier for my children,” I was able to start the program with gusto!

Off to a running start

I found great success over the first few months of the program. I was so happy with how things were going that my Leader and I even discussed what it would take for me to become a Leader myself. If I became a service provider, I knew I’d have another “why” that would help me keep off the weight for life!


A slight adjustment

I was loving the program, when our meeting (and another in the area) was selected to be a part of Weight Watchers beta trial for their new WW Freestyle program. Most people would’ve been ecstatic for the change, but I was scared: It was the 4th of July and my wedding anniversary, so it wasn’t the best time to change everything. At first, I was bitter—I couldn’t believe that Weight Watchers was changing something that worked so well for me. I started giving myself excuses to overeat—excuses to not let WW Freestyle work for me. But then I realized something: I lost 12 pounds over past two months since starting WW Freestyle. Maybe it was working. Maybe WW was on to something…

An easier life

Yes, there was a learning curve, but I finally realized that WW Freestyle makes living this plan so easy. The list of zero Points® foods illustrate what a healthy life looks like, and they help you make smart choices frequently and absentmindedly. I don’t even think about grabbing an apple when I’m eating it. When I cook tacos, I use ground turkey or chicken. I add healthy beans to darn near anything! I can eat healthy foods and feel satisfied all day long. My favorite meal is rotisserie chicken, zucchini noodles, and alfredo sauce for only 3 SmartPoints! I can eat out with total confidence in myself, my food choices, and my SmartPoint values. No one has to know I’m on Weight Watchers unless I tell them—which, I do! I want everyone to feel the way I feel on Weight Watchers.