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A Coach leads a WW Workshop.
Unlimited Workshops + Digital

Live support sessions with your Coach and your dedicated group

Get techniques for weight loss from expert WW Coaches both in-person and virtually, on your schedule.
Starting at $6.92/week

  • Customized weight-loss and wellness plan
  • Tracking tools including barcode scanner
  • Recipe database and restaurant finder
  • Guided workouts and meditations
  • Weekly check-in and progress report
  • Live and on-demand expert-led digital content
  • Unlimited face-to-face Coach-led sessions with other members
  • 1-on-1 private Coaching
Workshops Are Back!
Get in-person and virtual weight-loss support from your Coach and group—whenever you need it. We’re reopening with more locations and more times, including unlimited virtual sessions.

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WW members participate in a WW Workshop.
WW members participate in a WW Workshop.

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WW Workshops = more weight loss

There’s power in community: Research shows that Workshop members lose 2x more weight than those who do it on their own!^

These 30-minute live sessions are led by our expert Coaches—alongside members just like you!—for game-changing, next-level encouragement.

Learn practical tips for real life

We’ll help you make simple changes that build powerful habits each week, with topics like The Truth About Carbs, Portion Control, and Learning Self-Compassion.

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Cheer each other on

Accountability and community are closely tied. Choose your Coach and stay connected with other members in your Studio groups in Connect, our member social network.

Four WW members chat in a living room.

Includes Digital and our award-winning, 5-star app

Lose weight and get healthier with our most personalized, holistic approach ever. With Digital, you’ll get every feature you need to live the program and prep for your Workshops! Track food, activity, and weight, plus get a weekly Check-in and Progress Report, 10,500+ recipes, workouts and meditations, and more.

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Get techniques for weight loss from expert WW Coaches both in-person and virtually, on your schedule.

^Tate DF, Lutes LD, Bryant M, Truesdale KP, Hatley KE, Griffiths Z, Tang TS, Padgett LD, Pinto AM, Stevens J, Foster GD. Randomized Multi-Country Trial of a Partial Dietary Self-Monitoring Approach to Weight Management. Under review.