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Live weekly sessions alongside other members

Learn functional behavior change techniques as a group to achieve weight loss success.
Starting at $5.36/week

✓ Customized weight loss & wellness plan
✓ Tracking tools including barcode scanner
✓ Recipe database & restaurant finder
✓ Guided workouts and meditations
✓ Weekly check-in and progress report
✗ Live & on-demand expert-led digital content
✓ Weekly coach-led sessions with other members
✗One-on-one private coaching
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And a 97% satisfaction rate on our virtual workshop experiences!†
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A dedicated time to refocus on yourself

Weekly workshops available at a variety of times so you can participate on your schedule.

Meet us where you are

Connect with a WW Coach and other members in a 30-minute Zoom session or at any of our U.S. locations as they reopen. Either way, you'll get the latest science-backed techniques for weight loss and healthy habits.

Learn practical tips for real life

We will help you make simple changes that build powerful habits each week, with topics like The Truth About Carbs, Portion Control, and Learning Self-Compassion.

Cheer each other on

Accountability and community are closely tied—your Coach and like-minded members know you and root for you.

Includes all app access

Track food, activity, weight, and more, get a weekly check-in and Progress Report, 9,000+ recipes, workouts and mindset content, and so much more.