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Lose weight, not the foods you love

Using our science-backed SmartPoints® system, the new myWW+ guides you toward a healthier pattern of eating.

  • Get up to 300 ZeroPoint™ foods you don’t need to track or measure
  • Access 9,000-plus recipes to cook for yourself and others
  • Browse a restaurant database to find and track your favorites, whether you’re taking out or dining in
  • Get rollover daily and weekly SmartPoints for birthdays, holidays, date night, and more of life’s celebrations
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Our program helps make weight loss easier

Power your success with the NEW myWW+ personal assessment and proven behavior change science, which fit your lifestyle and help you build healthy habits that go beyond the plate — from sleep to activity to mindset.

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Wellness in the palm of your hand

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Eat well: NEW! meal planning tools, plus a food tracker, 9,000-plus recipes, barcode scanner, and restaurant finder

Move more: NEW! enhanced activity dashboard, plus guided workouts, and meditations

Strengthen your mind: NEW! 5-Minute Coaching audio, plus 24/7 chat with a Coach, and Connect member social network

Sleep better: NEW! bedtime reminders, plus sleep tracking and other features to help you de-stress

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After 14 days, you'll automatically be signed up for membership at the standard monthly rate, unless you cancel before the end of the trial. See offer terms*


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