Success Stories

Kelly's Healthy Path

This US Navy veteran’s transition to civilian life wasn’t all smooth sailing, but her new healthy lifestyle helped her hit the ground running.

Kelly lost 15 lbs*

*People following the WW program can expect to lose 1-2 pounds/week. Kelly, WW Ambassador, lost weight on a prior program and  is continuing on WW FreestyleTM. Watch the steps Kelly took to transition from living on sea to living on land in the video below.

In Kelly’s words:
When I first joined the US Navy in 2011, I was very fit and active. My main deployment was for eight months. I was surrounded by people 24/7, and, since I’m a social person, I enjoyed that. When I came back to shore, I developed a lot of anxiety about being alone, and that’s when I started eating for comfort.

Living a new lifestyle

Making a transition
Four years later, after I was honorably discharged, I knew my life was changing and that my habits had to change, too. I was tired all the time, I felt sluggish, and I realized that I felt this way because of the amount I was eating. I joined WW (for the fourth time!). I wanted to feel good again, and I believed WW could help me get there.

Stop trying, start living
My first week back on the program, I realized I had to change the quantity of food I was consuming. I love chips, I love sweets, and I knew I could still have them — I just had to track my intake. At first it was hard to account for every bite. My WW Coach noticed that I was struggling, so she pulled me aside for a quick chat. She told me I had to quit “trying” and start “living” the program. At that moment, the idea that WW is a healthy lifestyle clicked for me.

Fitting in my favorites
Eating out was also a cause for concern. San Diego is known for its delicious Mexican food; Ian, my fiancé, and I love to go to one particular restaurant in historic Old Town for authentic grub. I didn’t want to cut it out of my life, so I figured out a plan: I save up my SmartPoints for chips with my salsa. Then I measure out the amount of rice I can eat with my chicken. I fit it all into my day!

An active couple
My fiancé, Ian, and I love to be outdoors, which is easy to do in San Diego. Ian used to hike the area trails on his own, but as I lost weight and got more active, I started joining him. When I learned about the hike up Cowles Mountain, the highest peak in San Diego, we decided to give it a try. As we were going up, I stopped and said, “Ian, let’s do the other half another day,” but he kept encouraging me. When we got to the top, we took in a breathtaking San Diego sunset. It’s so rewarding to push your body in a way you’ve never done before.

How Kelly’s success with WW has improved her life

Goal getter
I’ve learned that consistency is key to my success. I like to set goals for myself. I had always wanted to be a runner, so at the end of 2015, I set a goal to do one 5K for every month in 2016. In January, I walked the 5K; in February, I walked and ran a bit, and so on. In December 2016, I ran the race from start to finish! I want to motivate others to believe that they can reach their goals, too: I set up a 5K group with the members in my Workshop, and we complete one each month. I’m hoping the others who participate can feel the same amount of pride that I had for myself when I completed my races last year.

Success at sea
I now work as a civilian employee for the Navy, so I still travel on a ship for days or weeks at a time throughout the year. When I’m onboard, I try to stick to lean meat and vegetables for lunch and dinner, I plan to have dessert every other day, and I keep healthy snacks on hand to eat between meals. Since I don’t have access to my mobile app at sea, I bring my paper tracker to write down all my meals. I like to jot notes to myself to help me stick to my plan. My most recent one reads: “Don’t stop until you’re proud.”

Seeing clearly
As I lost weight and became more active, the fog in my life lifted: I became happier, my house got cleaner, I got more organized, and I gained an excitement for trying new things. I now wake up with determination and go to bed with satisfaction. I know I can continue on this healthy path for life.