Success Stories

Jennifer transformed her career

Getting healthy helped this opera singer expand her career and her life.

Jennifer lost 133 lbs*

*People following the WW program can expect to lose 1-2 pounds/week. Jennifer lost weight on a prior program and is continuing on myWW™. Watch how this opera singer transformed her life in the video below.

In Jennifer’s words:
There was no defining moment that triggered me to join WW, but I do remember the week right before I joined: I went to Universal Studios with my friends and the Harry Potter exhibit has just opened, and I couldn’t wait to get on the ride. But I couldn’t fit in the seat. You’d think that would’ve driven me to join WW, but it didn’t. But when my friend insisted that we start together, I finally joined and stuck to the program.

Adjusting to her new life

Counting on Mom
When I started on WW, I didn’t tell anyone expect my mother. I’m an opera singer, and I didn’t want any outside pressure from the business. I wanted this journey to be about me, not my career. My mother has been my biggest supporter. When I was about to reach my goal, I told my mom, “You must come to my WW Workshop when I hit it.” My mother doesn’t usually show much emotion, but she shed a few tears at the Workshop. My WW Coach thanked my mom for all the love and care she showed me throughout my journey.

Making adjustments
It wasn’t until I lost 75 pounds* that I hit an obstacle with my breathing while singing. I met with my singing coach, and she was able to help me realize something: Before, whenever I’d take a breath, my rib cage would expand and my arms would move with my body. After I had shed some weight, my arms no longer moved because there was less of me. I learned to trust myself again in this new body of mine.

Moving more
Running clears my head — it’s my me-time. Thanks to the Couch to 5K program, I’m now running three miles regularly, without stopping. Sometimes I’ll listen to music I’m singing so I can drill words, or I’ll put on some pop beats and enjoy the scenery. At other times, I’ll think to myself, “OK, I have rehearsal at 11 a.m. What scene am I working on today?” And I’ll replay the blocking in my head so that I know how to move on the stage. Running makes me feel like I’ve done something good for myself.

Then and Now collage of Jennifer baking, at the Opera and with her mom in her home town

How Jennifer’s success with WW has improved her life

Making it permanent
I recently purchased my first home. It was a long process, but once I got through it, I felt a sense of accomplishment, fear, and excitement all at once. I saved the tears until the last signature was on paper—and then they came pouring down. With my crazy travel schedule, it’s comforting to know that I have my very own home back in New Jersey.

A tasty hobby
Baking runs in the family. My grandmother taught us to bake ethnic Hungarian treats for Christmas and Easter. I have a cookie jar from my grandparents’ kitchen counter. I have fond memories of spending summers with them in Florida. No matter where I live, that cat cookie jar is always with me. My mother and I have carried on the baking tradition. I bake in times of happiness, and I bake when I’m stressed. Whatever the case, I save a few pieces to eat at home, and bring the rest to my cast members. It’s all about staying in control.

Expanding my range
I’m a soprano with the Metropolitan Opera in NYC. Through my weight loss, I’ve expanded my repertoire with more dramatic romantic roles because I fit in more categories. I remember being in this new body in the Met, and I took in this 4,000-seat house. I had to tell myself, “It was just like any other day, but you just look a little different.” My weight loss affected the way I moved on stage because I had nothing to hide. I used to hide behind my size; I used to hide behind being the funny person. And all of a sudden, I got to take the stage and relish that moment.

Dreaming big
I’ve dreamed big in every aspect of my life. A career in opera is big, but so is losing 133 pounds*. The elation I felt after reaching my weight-loss goal was similar to what I felt walking on the Metropolitan Opera stage for the first time. And that was similar to what I felt when I went back to Universal Studios three years after that time they wouldn’t let me on: I went back and I rode the Harry Potter ride three times in a row. I cried, I laughed, and I screamed like a 12-year-old again. What an amazing feeling it was!