Success Stories

Jeanine’s At-Work Success

A new Weight Watchers At Work meeting in her office was just what she needed to find balance in her busy life.

Jeanine, At Work Meetings, Lost 56 lb*

*People following the Weight Watchers plan can expect to lose 1-2 lbs/wk. Jeanine lost weight on a previous Weight Watchers program and is continuing on WW FreestyleTM. Watch her journey of losing weight with the help of her co-workers in the video below.

In Jeanine’s words:
I’m a busy wife, mom, sister, friend, and lawyer. After I had my third child, I thought about joining Weight Watchers, but the meetings didn’t fit my schedule. Then, Weight Watchers and my employer, the City of New York, partnered as part of a program Weight Watchers offers to employers and their employees across the United States. Through this partnership, my colleagues and I were able to ask our HR department to start an At Work meeting, and our wish was granted.

How Jeanine Found Success At Work

Support System
As a prosecutor, I believe my work is important and comes with a great sense of responsibility. But my workplace reminds us that we are a family. We have built a tremendous support network in our office—we all inspire each other. When our At Work meeting first began, we started an e-mail chain, and we inspired one another to join and keep going to the meetings. I love sending out quotes to the group, and the first one that I sent was an inspirational saying from Anthony Robbins, “The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.” Getting started is half the battle!

Up for a Challenge
The City of New York started an initiative to get employees to join Weight Watchers. The recognition and rewards have been plentiful, but nothing has been more rewarding than seeing how successful my colleagues have been. Weight Watchers has transformed our lives, and I get to see it up close and personal at work. It inspires me every day.

Our Fearless Leader
Melissa is our fearless Leader who is with us each week. She brings so much energy, dedication, and inspiration to our group. She is ready with the road map to success, and shows us how to get there. Her passion for the Program is contagious. Her biggest lesson to me: She has taught me to “be present.” It’s important to appreciate and celebrate what’s happening in the here and now.

Then and Now collage of Jeanine at work, walking with a friend and steamed dumplings

How Jeanine’s Success with Weight Watchers has Improved Her Life

Food as Fuel
One of my first lessons on the Program was learning how to eat at work. Sometimes, I clock in long days, so I need to have the right foods in my body to help me feel good. There’s a deli near work where I love to grab lunch. Now, I’ll opt for the “Just Beet It” salad filled with arugula, beets, goat cheese, sunflower seeds, and orange slices—dressing on the side, of course. I no longer agonize about what I’m going to eat if I’m working late: I’ll order steamed vegetable dumplings for dinner. It’s a quick, healthy meal that I don’t have to stress about.

Making Movement a Priority
Early on in my journey, I realized it’s important to get in my daily steps, so I use my Fitbit to track them. My co-workers and I challenge each other to see who can get the highest number. My colleague Christine is my walking buddy and a fellow WW member. We like to walk at the nearby park during our lunch break. Her steadfast support has helped me keep going. She’s funny, smart, and motivating—a perfect workout partner.

Keep Reminding Yourself
I like to remind myself of my achievements. I keep the Bravo stickers that I receive at the meetings close to me—they’re on my phone! Each time I look at my phone, the stars make me remember how far I’ve come. I think of how tracking has been a key to my success, and these stars keep me going. My success on the program has given me a new sense of confidence, personally and professionally. I’m a force to be reckoned with—I can do anything!