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WW Studio Bethlehem

1280 Motel Drive
announcementWe are excited to announce the Re-Opening of our Workshops in Bethlehem. Starting Wednesday, January 18, 2023 we will be meeting at the Sonesta ES Suites, 2180 Motel Drive Off Catasauqua Rd…..turn at the Applebee’s and go back to the third Hotel property on Motel Drive. Sonesta ES Suites. Our Workshops will be held there as follows: Wednesday Morning, Doors Open at 9:15 AM Workshop Begins at 10:00 AM with Coach Leslie. Wednesday Evening, Doors Open at 5:15 PM Workshop Begins at 6:00 PM with Coach Janis. Saturday Morning, Doors Open at 9:15 AM Workshop Begins at 10:00 AM with Coach Lynn. We do also offer Virtual Workshops scheduled under Bethlehem in Connect on your WW App, Thursday evening from 6-6:30 PM and Saturday Morning from 10-1030 AM. Feel free to contact our office at 610-791-1141 for questions or additional information.
Important Announcements
This location will have shared Virtual Workshops. Open the WW App, click on Connect and browse groups near you by your State postal abbreviation (e.g. KY)
PLEASE NOTE: Doors open 45 minutes prior for JOINING members and CURRENT member weigh-in.
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  • If you are not feeling well, please stay home for yourself and others
  • Based on local requirements or the CDC’s recommendations for this area, you may be asked to wear a mask during the Workshop. Disposable masks and hand sanitizer are available at all our Studio locations
  • Members are required to wear footwear when weighing in
  • We currently accept credit cards (no cash or checks) as payment options during the checkout process
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