WW Cruise FAQs: Packing list
Published July 20, 2018

Packing List


What clothing should I pack?

Light, casual clothing or “resort casual” is the norm during the day. Don’t forget your swimwear, cover-up, sunglasses, and sun hat. If you plan to participate in yoga, Pilates or other fitness classes, we suggest sneakers and loose cotton clothing or other comfortable attire. Athletic shoes are required for fitness activities. 

Your preference of button downs, pants, capris, skirts or dresses are recommended for smart casual dinner attire. Along with dress shoes, fashion sandals, flats, or comfortable heels. After 6:00 p.m., jeans, t-shirts, shorts, and bare feet are discouraged in the ships' public areas.

The ship has two gala nights for optional evening attire at dinner.  Typically, on these two nights, there is a range from business casual to formal wear. MSC also hosts a variety of themed dress-up nights, such as disco, Gatsby, 70s, a white night, and a country western night. MSC events are optional and in addition to the social events WW has planned.

Although all cabins are air conditioned and individually controlled, we are not able to control the temperature in the public spaces such as the dining room and lecture rooms, which may be cool, so a scarf and sweater or light jacket is recommended. 


I’ve booked a few excursions, what should I pack?

We recommend reviewing your excursion itinerary for specifics. Each destination offers a unique variety of adventure, culture, or relaxation. Depending on what you choose, a few items to consider packing include water shoes or water sandals, athletic shoes, goggles or snorkel mask, bug spray, GoPro, and a waterproof camera case. Sun protection, like sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses, and bottles of water are encouraged. 


What else should I pack?

Toiletries and incidentals such as conditioner, lotion, and sunscreen along with electronic cables and chargers. We also suggest bringing a travel clock to account for delays in your phone changing time zones and a travel adapter for charging in public spaces.


Can I bring a hair straighter or curling iron?

A hair dryer is provided in every cabin. Heat-generating devices (like hair straighteners, electric kettles, electric blanket, etc.) are discouraged on board.


Is laundry service available?

Yes, laundry service is available for purchase. Prices range from $20-50. For more information or to book please go to “My Booking” on the MSC website.


What will the weather be?

The weather is generally warm in the Caribbean, but​ it can be cool and breezy in the mornings and evenings out on the deck. Among the islands, temperatures range from a low of 71ºF to a high of 86ºF.  The Mediterranean is sunny and hot in July.  Temperatures may range from mid-to-high 80s.   


How much cash should I bring?

The ship operates on a cashless system. All charges incurred while onboard will be charged to your credit card in one payment at the end of the cruise, unless you choose to pay the total in cash. Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover) are accepted on board. If you are using a credit card to set up your shipboard account, you may do so easily by using one of the kiosks throughout the vessel.

We recommend calling your credit card company prior to boarding to inform them of your travel and to inquire about foreign transaction fees.

Cash is recommended for purchasing items from port vendors and for transportation at port locations.


Do I need to convert my cash to a different to a currency?

We recommend converting currency prior to departure. Relatively smalls amounts of cash can be converted at Guest Relations on the ship.  

If you are sailing with us in March 2019, American currency can be used in Mexico & Belize. USD will not be accepted in Cuba. You will need to visit a bank, exchange center, or hotel with your passport to convert cash in U.S. dollars to Cuban currency. Visit our Cuba FAQs page for more information.
If you are sailing with us in July 2019, euros is the local currency on-and-off the ship.


How many suitcases can I bring?

Each guest is allowed to bring up to 200 pounds of personal luggage onboard the ship. Airlines weight limitations may be less than 200 pounds. Luggage tags will be part of your e-ticket and they can also be picked up curbside at the pier. Be sure to use the luggage tags on your baggage to ensure their delivery to your cabin. Your luggage will be delivered to your cabin during the course of the afternoon on embarkation day. We do not have the precise time, so we recommend having any essential items you may need with you.


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