WW Cruise FAQs: Internet & cell phones

Internet & cell phones


Is Internet service available?

Yes, you can connect to the net on the open seas. However, service can be spotty, especially while at sea.

You may buy a Wi-Fi package and use your own laptop, phone, or PDA on board. Internet packages will be available for advanced purchase several months before the cruise. We recommend updating and downloading any apps, media, or files to your device(s) before embarkation. 

We’re all aboat more sea time and less screen time, so we encourage you to use this time to truly get away and disconnect.


Will I be able to plug in and recharge my digital camera, cell phone, etc.?

Yes, there are outlets in each cabin for both domestic and EU appliances. Pack an EU charger or travel adapter if you'd like to charge in public areas.


What’s the electricity?

Fleet wide all public areas have 220 v outlets (European). In each cabin, there are both 220 v outlets (European) & 110 v outlets (American). For U.S. passengers, an international adapter or converter is required to charge in public areas. 


Can I use my mobile phone at sea?

Yes, you can use your wireless devices while at sea. You can make and receive calls using your own mobile phone and telephone number. Charges will appear as "roaming charge" on your regular monthly bill from your telecommunications carrier. Rates are very high and are set by each home carrier. We recommend checking with your home carrier prior to traveling.

When not using your phone, we suggest placing it in airplane mode.


Can I call home during the cruise? How can my family contact me during the cruise in case of emergency?

Ship-to-shore telephone service is available while the ship is at sea or in port from your cabin. You’ll find a telephone and dialing instructions in your cabin. Since it is a satellite phone service, it is expensive. If you need to be reached by people at home, have them contact the ship directly. The emergency contact number for your MSC Cruise ship will be provided with the information that you will receive along with your cruise documents a few weeks before the sailing. MSC Cruises phone number for their Florida office is 954-772-6262 or 800-666-9333.


How do I get WiFi?

Day or weeklong internet packages are available for purchase. Internet service is most reliable on port days.


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