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10 Desserts Perfect for Summer

Try these light, simple recipes that deliver all the sweet without the sweat.

With WeightWatchers, you can lose weight eating what you love—including dessert. Want to bake? We’ve got you. Can’t stand the idea of turning on your oven but want something warm? Use your grill! Want something frozen? We’ve got tons of options for that too. Plus, lots of recipes require no cooking at all!

Hint: Those numbers in the corner of every recipe are its Points® value. We conduct tons of research and rate food on their total nutritional value, including fiber, fat, protein, and more—and it all gets distilled into a simple number, or what we call, Points.

Frozen Desserts

Delicious “nice” cream with pineapples and strawberries

Grilled Desserts

Unexpected grilled recipes include fun twists on pizza and s’mores

No-Cook Desserts

Simple desserts bursting with melon, berries, and whipped topping

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