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We’re 1,800 walkers, joggers, and runners strong - from Los Angeles to Marrakech! To fully support you both on and off the streets, I invite you to join me and #TeamKayla on WW Digital 360 for a FREE 30 day trial of wellness support. Together, we will continue hitting the pavement all year long.

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Digital 360 is for you!

  • Meet the rest of the team of Digital 360 Coaches, plus access live and on-demand events, all in the WW app.
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The WW app

Digital 360 includes unlimited access to Digital, which puts myWW+ at your fingertips. It’s got tons of features designed to help make weight loss easier, including food, activity, water, sleep, and weight trackers, meal planners, a weekly check-in and Progress Report, 9,000-plus recipes, free guided workouts and meditations, and so much more.

How your free trial works:

Sign up and take our personal assessment to get a customized action plan for your goals and lifestyle. Don’t worry: We’ll be there for support the whole time!

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