Success Stories

Carolina puts herself first

When this birthday girl gave herself the best present, she started improving her life.

Carolina lost 14 lbs*

*People following the WW program can expect to lose 1-2 pounds/week. Carolina lost weight on prior program and myWW and is continuing on myWW+. Watch Carolina take the steps to practicing self-care and making herself a priority in the video below.

In Carolina’s words:
On my 34th birthday, I joined WW. I thought that becoming a member was the greatest gift I could give myself. As I was getting older, I was having trouble maintaining my weight. That may have been in part to Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), which is a hormonal condition. The symptoms are subtle: a little more hair on my face, difficulty losing weight, and cysts on my ovaries. I knew that WW could help me take care of my condition, and myself. 

Giving yourself the gift of health

Making me a priority
I had to make a mental shift when I joined: I realized that I had to put myself first. I know that sounds selfish, but if I don’t come first, I can’t show up for other people. Just the little things, like figuring out a place to go for dinner with my friends that had healthy options, was a big step for me.

Overcoming illness
After losing about ten pounds, I started to notice a difference in my figure and my energy levels  — I was slimmer and I felt like I had more energy to exercise for a longer amount of time. When I went back to my doctor for a checkup, she told me that although some of my PCOS symptoms still existed, many had disappeared due to my weight loss. What was even more exciting to hear was that my cysts were gone!

Gaining confidence
A few months into the program, I decided to try on a bikini. I hadn’t been in a two-piece for years. I remember taking pictures of myself in the fitting room, sending them to a friend, and asking her for an opinion. She told me how great I looked in it and urged me to buy it. I wasn’t at my ideal weight, but I felt much better knowing that I could wear whatever type of bathing suit I wanted. Around the same time, I also stopped wearing a shaper underneath my dresses. I used to wear one to hide my imperfections, but I finally felt that I didn’t need to hide anymore.

How Carolina’s success with WW has improved her life

A surprising bonus
I didn’t start this journey because I thought it would help me with dating — that was never an issue for me. But I did notice that I became pickier about men, especially when it came to online dating. I started approaching those I normally wouldn’t have in the past. Now, I’ll reach out to men that I think are extremely fit, since fitness is a priority to me as well. Before, I may have not had the confidence to talk to them, but now I can say, “Oh you work out five times a week? So do I.” I’ve also become more secure about knowing who’s best for me. Dating has become more about what I want for myself — a spa day, a workout — rather than just having a date on a Friday night.

The best start to my day
Meditation came to me as a progression of the things that I was already doing to take care of myself. I was already going to a yoga studio and practicing with an instructor, but I didn’t really spend any silent, spiritual time by myself. Then a friend told me that she meditates for three to five minutes every morning. I thought, “That is such a short amount of time—how could that make a difference?” But I gave it a try. Once a week, I’d sit on my yoga mat in one of my poses for five minutes in the morning. I started to notice that it made a difference with how the rest of my morning went. Now, when I miss my morning meditation, I feel sluggish for the rest of the day. Even if it’s just five or ten minutes, morning meditation helps me make better choices; I’m more inclined to make a nice oatmeal breakfast instead of grabbing a croissant on the go.

It’s all in me
Throughout this journey, I realized that I no longer need validation from other people. I really feel that if I’m going to be happy with myself, it has to come from me. It can’t be about what a boyfriend thinks, or if my friends think I look cute in an outfit, or if I got compliments about my hair — none of that. It has to do with how I look at myself. And that is the most freeing feeling in the world.