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WW and vegetarian or plant-based diets work together
For vegetarians, having a WW membership brings a whole new level of holistic support.
The plant-based diet has become extremely popular in order to curb environmental impact, animal cruelty, and possible health risks associated with menus high in animal products. WW has thousands of vegetarian recipes (here are two dozen dishes to start!) that make eating plant-based, losing weight, and satisfying your hunger totally possible—and better yet, delicious! 
If your motivation to go vegetarian is only to lose weight, you might not get the results you crave.
In 2020, WW was ranked #1 Best Diet for Weight Loss for the tenth consecutive year by U.S. News & World Report*, while the vegetarian diet was ranked #10 (in a tie) in the same category, as cutting out whole food groups can be challenging to stick to and usually only leads to short-term results. Reaching and maintaining your weight goals is not just about changing what you eat, but about taking a holistic approach, learning techniques related to creating healthier patterns of eating, and activity and mindfulness behaviors.
If you are choosing to follow a vegetarian diet for other reasons, WW can be helpful with your weight-loss goals.
Our new myWW™ program is our most customized weight-loss program ever and tailored to your food preferences. It’s based on WW’s proven SmartPoints® system, which guides you toward a healthier pattern of eating by assigning a value to foods and beverages based on calories, saturated fat, sugar, and protein content, with list of ZeroPoint™ foods that you don't have to track or measure. This system guides you toward lots of fruits and vegetables, plant-based proteins, and healthy fats in moderation in order to meet your nutritional needs, rather than defaulting to processed foods and snacks that happen to be made without animal products. We teach you healthy eating behaviors like recognizing different types of hunger, meal planning, and getting sufficient portions, and we provide personalized support. 
Most fruits and vegetables are ZeroPoint heroes on myWW!
The new program offers different approaches with varying volumes of SmartPoints Budgets balanced with 100+ (fruits and non-starchy veggies) on Green, 200+ (fruits, veggies, and lean proteins like tofu and legumes) on Blue, to 300+ (fruits, veggies, lean proteins like tofu and legumes, and whole grains like potatoes and whole-wheat pasta) ZeroPoint foods that you’ll get matched with based on your food preferences, lifestyle, and approach to weight loss. All three lists of ZeroPoint foods encourage eating a vast variety of fruits and vegetables, which helps you keep your menu interesting and flexible while maintaining a vegetarian lifestyle.
The program has been developed based on principles of nutrition and behavior-change science to build healthy habits around food, activity, and mindset. Our easy-to-use tools, techniques, and weekly topics help guide members toward smarter food choices, moving more, and helpful ways of thinking. Becoming a vegetarian or adopting a plant-based diet alone doesn’t provide guidance for portions or any added personal support without consulting articles or nutritionists on your own. 
With WW’s app, website, Workshops led by expertly trained WW Coaches, or one-on-one Personal Coaching, you can choose the membership that fits your schedule and learning style. Plus, you’ll also have digital access to 24/7 Live Coaching and Connect, our members-only social network, for inspiration and real-time tips. You can join "Vegetarian," "Vegan," and "Plant-based cooking" groups on Connect with 19,000 members and counting!
Want a taste of the delicious vegetarian recipes WW has to offer?
This mini Best of WW Vegetarian cookbook is perfect to take with you wherever you go, with 20+ recipes that make veggies the main event!



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*WW is the #1 Best Diet for Weight Loss 10 Years in a Row! Learn more here.

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