8 ZeroPoint whole grains to enjoy on myWW+ Purple

We repeat: Whole grains are ZeroPoint™ foods on Purple! Here are the tastiest ones to pile on your plate.

One of the amazing benefits of being on Purple is its extensive list of ZeroPoint foods, which most notably includes a variety of whole grains. Grains have a lot to offer: Besides being fantastic sources of fiber, they also include many of the same antioxidants widely touted in fruits and vegetables. Here are some of tastiest grains on myWW+ Purple to help you expand your cooking game.


Did you know that barley can be cooked just like rice? Try using it as a hot cereal or in a casserole or soup; it functions well in many sweet and savory dishes.

Brown rice

This nutty-tasting, chewy grain is basically “unrefined” white rice, which just means it has a fiber-rich, highly nutritious profile. You can substitute brown rice for white rice in almost any dish!


A form of cracked wheat, bulgur has been steamed, dried, and crushed into several sizes—smaller bulgur is typically used in tabbouleh. It has a mild taste and chewy texture, so it’s perfect in salads or paired with meat. 


Want to spice up a salad? Try topping it with this hearty, ancient grain. Farro has a dense, chewy texture and nutty flavor that makes it filling and delicious in salads, soups, and as a stand in for rice in risotto.


Typically served as grits in the South, hominy is made from processed and dried corn kernels. It’s extremely popular in Mexican cooking and most closely resembles chickpeas in texture and size. But don’t be fooled—hominy tastes completely different!


In addition to being a breakfast superstar, oats are also great in savory recipes. Try it mixed into meatloaf or burgers.


While it’s used like a grain, quinoa is technically a seed. (Fun fact—it’s a relative of spinach!) Quinoa is prepared like rice but takes less time to make, and becomes translucent, light, and fluffy when cooked, and has 8 grams of quality protein per cup.

Whole-wheat pasta

Incredibly versatile and easy to cook with, this go-to pantry staple is great for weeknight dinners. Enjoy it in comfort food classics like macaroni and cheese, spaghetti and meatballs, as well as in soups, and one-pot pastas. But keep in mind that whole-wheat pasta is only a ZeroPoint food when it's eaten plain. If it's prepared with ingredients that have SmartPoints, like oils or sauces, you'll want to track your portions of those add-ons.