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Green 101

You've got the largest number of SmartPoints to spend on any food you choose, and 100+ ZeroPoint foods that are zero!

Aw, yeah! Things are about to get good. Based on your lifestyle and eating preferences, Green is a great fit for you. You'll enjoy having a larger SmartPoints Budget to spend on any food you choose, with 100+ fruits and veggies that are ZeroPoint foods.

Build a meal on Green

ZeroPoint foods are super-flexible and can be used in lots of delicious (and unexpected) ways!

Start with a ZeroPoint™ food

Weight Watchers myWW Green Zero Point Vegetables


add something hearty and delicious

Weight Watchers myWW green pasta and chicken stock smartpoints


top it with more veggies

Weight Watchers myWW Green parsnips and parsley smartpoints


give it a flavor boost

Weight Watchers myWW green rice and shrimp SmartPoints


Bucatini all'Amatriciana

Weight Watchers myWW green pasta dinner SmartPoints

Pretty simple, right?

Want to make this buccatini all'Amatriciana recipe, like, now? You can find it (and plenty more like it) in the WW app!

Follow those four steps with practically any set of ingredients and you're on your way to a tasty meal. (Pro tip: Check the SmartPoints before you start cooking. If you don't have enough in your Budget, adjust accordingly or dip into your weekly SmartPoints.) 

Get more meal ideas

Weight Watchers Explore Recipes

Browse recipes on the WW app

No matter what you want to eat, and how little cooking experience you've got, there's a SmartPoints-friendly recipe to hit the spot. We're constantly updating it so you'll never run out of ideas.

Weight Watchers Connect

See what other members are having for dinner

We’ve set up a Connect group just for people on Green! See what other members are eating (and doing and posting) right here in the app.