Make Tracking Easier on WW

So that you can earn all the Wins and get more out of the WellnessWins™ program.

One of the best pieces of advice we can offer for your wellness journey: track, track, and track some more! Tracking food and weight has been shown to improve weight loss and help people make healthier food choices. In fact, 74% of WW Success Registry members (those who lost at least 20 pounds on WW and kept it off for at least a year) reported tracking most of the time or always. And with WW, there’s an added bonus: The healthy habit earns you Wins!

WellnessWins, WW’s own reward program, gives members Wins for tracking food, activity, weight, and more. Once you’ve racked up enough Wins, you can cash ’em in for some amazing rewards and experiences. Lose more weight and score freebies? Don’t mind if we do.

With the WW app, earning Wins is made even easier thanks to easy-to-use tracking tools. But we get it—sometimes you may forget to track or not be in the mood to pull out your phone. Not a problem. There are many ways to make tracking simpler, faster, and dare we say even fun? Read on for 8 ways to make tracking easier on WW.

1. Take advantage of all of the ways you can rack up Wins

Reminder: There are six different ways to earn Wins. WW members get Wins for:

  • Tracking breakfast
  • Tracking lunch
  • Tracking dinner
  • Tracking activity
  • Completing a sleep reflection or manually tracking sleep in the app
  • Weighing in

If you take advantage of all of these tracking opportunities, you can earn 200 Wins each week. (Psst, there’s a way that you can earn even more—keep reading!).

2. Eat now, track later

If you wake up and realize that you didn’t track last night’s dinner, don’t stress. Forgetting to track doesn’t need to set you back! That’s because you can backtrack your meals up to seven days and still earn those Wins.

3. Track in advance

For those who prefer to plan their meals ahead of time, here’s some news you’ll love: You earn Wins when you pretrack breakfast, lunch, and dinner up to 7 days in advance.

4. Track automatically

Did you know that you can sync your activity tracker (like a Fitbit or Apple Watch) with the WW app? It’s the easiest way to track—and get rewarded for—all of the Points® you add to your weekly Budget from activity!

5. Start scanning

The barcode scanner is one of the coolest features in the WW app. (You can find it at the top of the app’s home screen.) Simply tap the barcode icon, scan, and you’ll automatically get the PersonalPoints™ value for that food and have the option to track it. Genius!

6. Use the voice-to-text feature for hands-free tracking

Look ma, no hands! If your hands are occupied (we see you, delicious sandwich) use the voice-to-text feature to track your meal. Simply tap the microphone symbol on your phone’s keyboard, say aloud what you’re eating (“Panera Bread Turkey Sandwich”) and the app will pull up matching options.

7. Select your streak

Streaks give you the opportunity to earn even more Wins. Go to the WellnessWins screen in the WW app (look for the gift symbol) and pick a meal that you need some extra encouragement to track (maybe you tend to forget to track lunch when you’re at work). When you log that meal three days in a row, you’ll earn 10 bonus Wins (be sure to track day of, no backtracking or pretracking here). Now that’s some incentive to track!

8. Quickly check your status

Wondering if you can earn a few more Wins through tracking today? Go to the WellnessWins screen in the WW app (look for the gift symbol) and scroll down to “Earn Wins every day” to find out if you’re missing any opportunities to bump up your Wins total.