Why Adding Points Won’t Make You Gain Weight

There are two reasons why. (Cue the science!)
Published October 28, 2021

Show of hands: Who here thinks that adding Points® for eating sounds too good to be true?

(Whoa, that’s a lot of hands.)

Adding rewards for healthy eating is a first in the weight-loss industry, but in the behavior change world, it’s tried-and-true.

You add PersonalPoints™ as a positive reinforcement for fitting extra movement into your day, swapping sugary drinks out for water, and reaching for filling, fiber-rich veggies. So those PersonalPoints you add are strengthening a response to choices that leave you feeling good. Cool, right?

Very Cool. But Will I Gain Weight?

No, and there are two reasons why.

1. Your PersonalPoints Budget has already been adjusted.

Our new algorithm created a plan—again, just for you!—based on your metabolic rate and weight goals. But here’s the most critical part: It calculated a plan that would ensure you could have your dailies, your weeklies, your ZeroPoint™ foods, and your added Points and still lose weight.

That last bit deserves repeating: Your plan is specifically designed so that you can have your dailies, your weeklies, your ZeroPoint foods, and your added Points—and still lose weight.

2. You add only a little less than half of what you burn from activity.

You can feel comfortable racking up Points for moving more because we’ve already done the math. The amount of Points you add is specific to you, based on your age, height, weight, sex, and the type and duration of the activity you do.

And Don’t Forget—You’re Also Building Healthy Habits

Adding Points focuses your attention on day-to-day behaviors that improve your overall wellness. It helps make these behaviors feel like something you want to do, rather than something you have to do. Soon, tossing extra veggies into your meals, taking a quick walk after work, and filling up your water bottle whenever you go to the kitchen will become second nature!

But Like Everything, Adding Points Is About Balance

Your Budget is yours to use in any way you want! We understand that every day is different—some days you might go a little under your Budget, some days a little over. Either way is perfectly fine and leads to healthy eating and weight loss.

If what you’re doing to add Points feels good to you, by all means keep doing it! If it feels like a burden, ease up a bit. While we absolutely want you to eat non-starchy veggies and stay active, we don’t recommend overloading on vegetables or attempting a daily marathon just to add more Points. That would be exhausting, unsustainable, and absolutely no fun—the opposite of what adding Points should be!