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What's it like to cruise with WW?

These four women spent seven days aboard a ship filled with hundreds of other WW members. Here are their experiences.
Published August 22, 2017

It sounds like a dream in the making: the chance to not only luxuriate during a seven-day Caribbean cruise, but also an opportunity to try out new fitness classes, watch cooking demos, and sit in on a varied lineup of wellness seminars. Such was the case for these four members who, this spring, hopped aboard WW's first-ever wellness cruise to such scenic spots as Cozumel in Mexico, and the Bahamas. Read on as they share all the things they loved about the voyage.


“It was amazing to keep healthy and splurge a little, too!”


For Martine, joining other travelers for this first-ever WW Cruise was a chance to focus on being healthy—the cooking demonstrations and seminars were a big draw—while having fun. “The first thing you think of when you say the word ‘vacation’ is ‘I’m going to eat and drink,’” says Martine, who took the cruise with a close friend, a fellow WW member. The cruise was also a goal gift to herself. “I weighed in, which I would never do on a vacation, but I also enjoyed eating jerk chicken one day when I was off the boat. It was nice to check in, but it was also nice to let loose a little bit, too.”


“It was an incredible experience to meet so many other members!”


As a Digital member for the past 14 months, Caitlyn, who took the cruise with her mom (who recently joined WW), found the trip to be all-around amazing, especially as an opportunity to meet others. “I don’t go to a WW Studio so it was so nice to be able to interact with people and swap notes,” she says, adding that one of the best parts was the varied cuisine available during each meal, as well as one particular cooking class during which she and her mom learned how to make a yummy shrimp entrée—one they’ll definitely replicate at home. “I’m usually doing everything by myself but the cruise enabled me to meet some really great women!”


“To me this was the best of both worlds!”


As a WW Coach and self-proclaimed “WW Nerd #1,” Maria knew she’d love the cruise and the chance to spend a week with so many members from around the country. “Though I’m a WW Coach, I’m a member first and foremost,” she says. Maria adds that another appeal was the food options. “I loved the idea that even on a cruise, no food is off limits,” she says. “I loved how quickly the staff made sure to put points on things on the regular menu. This cruise was epic on its own and it was a WW retreat, too. I enjoyed every minute!”


“I loved the cocktail classes!”


Consummate traveler Kristie says she takes a lot of trips but the WW Cruise was like rolling my suitcase into my local WW Studio and staying for the week. “When I travel, I love to indulge in the local food and cocktails,” she says. “Additionally, when I’m home, we host quite a few cocktail parties, which is why I loved Julie Hartigan’s classes so much. Her recipes were simple, delicious, and fit our lifestyle perfectly. Plus, being from a small town in Montana, I don’t like recipes where I have to buy every rare, hard-to-get ingredient from Amazon Prime. Julie’s recipes were perfect for this reason. I proudly made her Rosemary Grapefruit Gin Fizz for three weeks straight when I returned from the cruise.”


For Kristie, the camaraderie was so apparent. “When I saw someone approach with a blue name lanyard, it was like an automatic icebreaker at a crowded party where we all knew no one,” she says. “It was my free pass to smile at a stranger and get a warm, supportive response.” Kristie says the dining options were another huge draw. “I’d say that about 90 percent of the food was so delicious, I’d make it at home,” she says. “It helped having the portions controlled for me in the dining room. I was able to get a whopping reality check on my gross over-portioning at home.”


And, while she didn’t count points or weigh in during the cruise, she neither lost nor gained weight. “I consider that like winning the vacation lottery,” she says. “The beauty of the WW program is that it’s given me the tools to navigate the regular buffet quite smartly. And on shore, I enjoyed all the rum the Caribbean had to offer along with meals of sensible ceviche and fruit.”

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