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3 smoothie bowls to cool you off

These flavorful meals are nourishing, delicious, and a fun way to eat more fruit.

Smoothie bowls are delicious and nutritious stand-ins for ice cream on a hot day.  For instance, the below recipes are no more than 8 SmartPoints value; for a similar weight (approximately 300 grams), light vanilla soft serve ice cream is 18 SmartPoints value. A whole pint of Halo Top vanilla bean ice cream is 9 SmartPoints value.

Here's why you should pour your thick smoothie into a bowl: you actually eat it. As a result, the SmartPoints values are lower. Here's why:

Unlike the traditional smoothie that you sip mindlessly through a straw, while possibly doing something else altogether, eating a smoothie bowl is an event—one that makes you slow down, pick up a spoon, and move it to your mouth to be consumed. That whole process helps makes  your brain aware that you’re feeding your body and thus, it helps signal the feeling of fullness. Research shows that liquids don’t make you feel as full as solid foods do, which may have something to do with how mindful eating is, compared with drinking.

So just remember:

  • If it’s something you’ll drink, the nutrition facts for zero SmartPoints value fresh fruits and vegetables count toward the recipe total.
  • If it’s something you’ll eat, it will remain zero SmartPoints values in those recipes. 

Ready to get blending? Try out one of our three favorite combos below. We bet you'll love them as much as we do!