WW Healing Guide to Spring

As temps warm up, take your lunch…outside. To get into the picnic-y mood, make it in a mason jar.
Published March 14, 2022

No matter what’s on the menu—last night’s leftovers or takeout from the corner deli—sitting in front of your computer while scarfing lunch down not only depletes the pleasure of eating, it’s also just not great for your health.

A Norwegian survey found that people who skipped their lunch break had up to seven times the risk of mental and physical exhaustion as those who didn’t.

No More Soggy-Bottomed Lettuce

  • Pack your salad in a mason jar. It’ll reduce dishes and make packing easier.
  • Make sure all of the wet ingredients—like dressing or tomatoes—are at the bottom, and that anything that could wilt is at the top.
  • Or use this jar, which has a cubby for wet ingredients.
  • This veritable veggie layer-cake offers a fresh spin on the classic Greek salad, and was created specifically to be packed into a mason jar.