Why You Should Make an October Resolution

By Debbie Koenig

The headline in the New York Times amused me with its attitude: “This Is Probably the Least You’ll Weigh All Year. Sorry,” it said. The Los Angeles Times took a more globally gloomy perspective, “All over the world, people celebrate holidays by gaining weight.” Both referred to a new study that tracked people’s weight in the U.S., Germany, and Japan, and found that in every country, participants gained weight during major holidays. Their lowest point was shortly before the holiday season starts — in other words, right now.

Americans put on an average of 1.3 lbs during the Christmas-to-New-Year’s week, while Germans gained 1.75 lbs in that time. In Japan, the heavy-duty holidays come during Golden Week, which starts in late April — there, participants gained an average of 1.1 lbs.

These participants had all invested in a pricey scale that automatically records your weight on your smartphone. This meant that they weren’t able to fudge their numbers, and it also indicates a certain level of enthusiasm for maintaining their weight. In other words, these folks were probably trying not to overdo it, and they still gained.

Before you start weeping, though, let me tell you why this study is good news: You’re here. With Weight Watchers. Even if you feel like you’re still messing up regularly, you’re doing something to take control of your weight. You’ve got this.

At the end of the Los Angeles Times article, there’s a quote from Brian Wansink, PhD, one of the study’s authors. “Make an October resolution instead of a New Year’s resolution,” he suggests. That strikes me as a very smart idea. So how ’bout this: Let’s resolve, together, that we’re going to beat the average in that study. We’re not going to gain 1.3 lbs in the coming months, we’re going to lose that much, and maybe more. Planning ahead, envisioning success, will pay off. I’m sure of it.

Who’s with me?

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