What’s Sauce for the Goose…

By Adam Kraemer

“I could have sworn that Ben was Hitler.”

Normally, that goes under the heading of “things I don’t generally expect to say about my friends,” but in this instance, not only was it germane to the conversation, but indicated that the Fascists had won.

I’m guessing you’re confused. So were the Liberals, apparently.

Before you go thinking that I’ve joined some sort of awful racist group, I should mention that we were playing a board game.

And before you go thinking that I was playing some sort of awful racist board game, I should explain that it’s sort of a logic game, based on Adolf Hitler’s democratically elected rise to power in the 1930s, and not something inherently offensive. The basic idea is that some players are Liberals and some players are pretending to be Liberals, but are secretly Fascists. It’s really more like “Parliamentary Procedure, the Home Edition.”

To put it another way, remember how in the Star Wars prequels (WARNING: SPOILERS), there was all this legal jockeying in the Senate that enabled the election of Palpatine as chancellor? And from there, a short step to establishing the Empire? Well, this game is the same basic idea, only not mind-numbingly boring. (See photo.)

Of course, now that I’ve explained all that, you’re probably wondering what it could possibly have to do with Weight Watchers.

Nothing. Nothing at all.

However, my friends and I were playing this particular game as part of a new “Game Night” we’ve established on Sundays. Everyone comes over to my apartment and we drink beer and elect (or assassinate) dictators. And that was just last week. The week before, we were intrepid adventurers trying to follow clues to a treasure and avoid being killed by monsters. Next week, we’re hunting zombies.

And I’m making the food.

(Ahhhhh, there’s the connection.)

Actually, my friends don’t know that yet. There was some talk about simply ordering pizza, but that was before Weight Watchers emailed me a link to an article about sauces and salad dressings, called, appropriately, “Our Best Sauces and Salad Dressings.” And now I’m excited to try some of them out, especially the No-Cook Asian Peanut Sauce (a SmartPoints® value of 1 per serving). I’m thinking either chicken skewers or Thai lettuce cups.

Given, last week, I was excited to eat at my first Sizzler ever, so apparently I get excited by weird things.

I could continue the peanut theme with the Thai Peanut-Ginger dipping sauce (SmartPoints value: 1). Or the Asian theme with low-fat pot stickers and the Ginger Dipping Sauce (SmartPoints value: 1) or the Chinese Barbecue Sauce (SmartPoints value: 2), especially if I go with the chicken skewers. Or I could just go with what sounds good and make a salad with the Warm Bacon Vinaigrette (SmartPoints value: 1). Actually, there are too many choices. I’m totally okay with that.

And despite the title of this entry, no, I will not be making goose. Too many Top Gun associations; it wouldn’t feel right.

And, on that random note:

Talk to you soon.

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