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Weather the Summer Storm (of Snacking)

The kids are home every day—and hungry. Here’s how the WW team keeps everyone smiling.
Published June 9, 2016

A season of an unstructured schedule or, on the flip side, coming home after days filled with activity can mean chaotic eating for you and your kids. Use these tips from our staff to healthy summer eating for all.

1. Keep their eyes on a healthy prize

“If you put great fruit on the table, they will eat it. When my kids come into the house straight off the bus from day camp, the fruit is out and waiting. And guess what? That’s what they’re happy to grab and eat.” —Lisa Chernick, Executive Food Editor


2. Entertain your tastebuds

“I try to chew a piece of gum while I pack my daughter’s lunch, otherwise I end up eating the crusts that I cut off her sandwich when I’m not even hungry!” —Lauren Simblist, former Account Executive


3. Shift gears

“Instead of focusing on food, I try to plan some outdoor activities to do together—or even fun, impromptu things like tag, catch, or catching fireflies.” —Ed Melnitsky, Creative Director


4. Send them away

“Teenagers travel in packs like the animals they are. When they descend on the house, whatever food they require is banished to the basement with the lot of them. If the grownups can’t see it, we can’t eat it.” —Mike Zimmerman, contributor


5. Be a moderator

“I give my sons two cookies with their lunch every day. Believe it or not, it keeps them from overindulging in cookies all day because they know they are getting some anyway.” —Hilary Bromberg, former Director Product Development

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