Watching My Spending

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

By Shani Petroff

I’ve always been careful with my spending. Sure, on occasion I splurge. I buy that expensive item that I’ve had my eye on or book a flight that I want to take. But I’m also practical. I look at how much I have and figure out if I can really afford to make the purchase.

When I moved to New York City, one of my first jobs paid me less than minimum wage (which was actually illegal and the company later got in trouble). Yet I never dipped into my savings and never asked my family for friends if I could borrow any money. I made it work. I shared an apartment with three other people, I took the bus and subway even when I really, really wanted to take a cab, and I passed on a lot of things I wanted to buy.

This makes me think: If I can do it with money, I can do it with my Weight Watchers Smartpoints®.

Never, ever, ever would I go into a jewelry store and spend all of my money for the week, not to mention all of the money I’ve saved. Even if I really, really wanted to! Yet I sometimes do this with food.

I know how many SmartPoints I get for the week. I know how many extras I have and how many FitPoints I earned, and yet, sometimes, I spend them (plus some) without thinking twice. I get annoyed at myself when I go overboard, but it sometimes doesn’t stop me from doing it again.

If SmartPoints were money, there are weeks where I’d definitely go into bankruptcy.

So I’m going to try to change my mind-set. I’m going to look at my SmartPoints as currency. And I don’t want to go into debt for a candy bar or some Chinese food that I really didn’t need.

If I want to splurge, then I need to look at my habits, at my spending, and see if I can afford it. I need to plan. It’s okay to buy things we don’t need and it’s okay to eat “bad” food, but it’s still all about moderation.

Treating ourselves is good. But so is being mindful and in control. And the best part is, when it comes to our food, we can have all of those things. We just need to follow the plan. 

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