Ups and Downs

By Shani Petroff

I’ve been working on getting my energy and motivation up. Last week I made a plan. This week I set to work making it happen. So how did it go? Overall, pretty good! There were ups and downs, but it was definitely a step in the right direction, and I plan on continuing until I get it right. Here’s my breakdown of how I did with each of my self-made rules:

Just Do It. Great advice in theory, in practice a little harder. I can say just do it, but it actually takes discipline. I wasn’t perfect in getting up early, cooking every meal, and shutting the TV and just working. However, there was progress. I had more homemade meals this week than the last three combined. I didn’t get up as early as I had planned, but I didn’t sleep in as late as usual either. And while I still watched (probably too much) TV, my intake was down significantly. There are actually still shows I really want to see sitting on my DVR and that never happens. I usually watch things instantly. So while I still have work to do, I take this as a win.

Make the Positive Choice. Positive thinking. I stuck to my morning plan every day. I got up, I smiled, I thanked the universe for all my blessings, and said I was going to have a wonderful day. It was a nice, motivating start to the morning! However, as the afternoon and evening progressed, I wasn’t quite as good at wiping away the negative thoughts. I still need to work on that, because I do believe thinking I can do what I put my mind to, and seeing the best in things, will not only help me get what I’m after, but also make me a happier person.

Start the Morning Right. I had breakfast every morning except the weekend (those were also the days that I primarily didn’t make my own food). As it turned out, I did eat better the breakfast days. It helped that I made it a filling, healthy meal. Most days were avocado toast with a sunny-side up egg and some fruit. (The day I didn’t have that, I had a huge omelet with smoked salmon and a piece of toast.) It tasted good, and it filled me up. It really did start my morning right.

Sugar, Sugar, Everywhere. Trying to get rid of a lot of the processed sugar and artificial sweeteners that I eat had mixed results. Again, when I prepared my own meals I did pretty well, and I felt good. The problems started when I went out. I went to a meeting where they served a ton of sweets. I avoided them, not even taking a taste, but then on the way home, I stopped by a store to pick up a light bulb and wound up buying a pint of ice cream. I ate all of my extra SmartPoints® values that night. I instantly regretted it. I would have been better off having a few M&M’s at the meeting than going all out afterward. And I’m not sure if it was psychological, but I did feel sleepy and like I just wanted to crash after I ate the pint.

Think Out of the Box. I wanted to come up with unique and different ways to approach projects, but I had a ton of work this week. And honestly, I found myself going the opposite route and using very “in”-the-box techniques. I created lists and checked off things as I finished them. I still would like to find creative approaches to challenges, but sometimes the old standbys just work. The lists helped me move forward with what I had to do. So, I think for me the solution here is keeping my mind open—even if that results in embracing the old tried-and-true at times.

All in all, I was pleased with the results of my little test. I can do better, and I will, but this was a nice start. Now the plan is to continue forward, following my rules and the Weight Watchers program, and if all goes well, each day, each week, and each month, I’ll see a vast improvement in not only my weight loss, but also in my energy and motivation!

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