Treat Yourself Like a Friend

Published November 1, 2016


Are your friends perfect? (No, right?) When they fall down you pick them back up.


(second) Give yourself the same permission to be imperfect — just like every other human being on the [planet emoji].


(third) Why? Studies show that when you take your ups & downs in stride, you may find that you’re less afraid of failure & more satisfied with life.


(fourth)  People who practice self-compassion are more likely to eat well, exercise, & take good care of themselves, even when stressed. They’re also better able to maintain their weight loss. [emoji hands clapping]


(fifth) So if your brain starts spewing some [[poop emoji] think of what you’d say to a friend.  Keep it in your back pocket to say to yourself when you need it. [jeans emoji]

(Fifth) Yours is the voice that you are going to hear most, so it’s key to your success to start becoming your own best friend.

Still skeptical? Read on to see how easy it is to make sure you’ve got your own back: to article: