Traveling Tricks

By Shani Petroff

When I cook my own food, my eating and weight loss are generally pretty good. Recently, I’ve been trying to make more of an effort to prepare my own meals. I still eat out a lot, but the number of restaurant visits is down quite a bit from what I’ve done in the past. So, I was a little nervous when it came to a trip I had planned. I was very excited to get away, but I was scared about what it meant for my meals.

As I write this, the trip is almost over, and I have to say not only was it such a nice vacation, but also I’ve actually been staying within my SmartPoints® Target! Here’s how I did it:

Support System
Everyone I’m visiting knows I’m on Weight Watchers. In fact, two of the people are doing it too. It helps being around other people who are watching what they’re eating and trying to be healthy. Since they know I’m really trying to stay on track, no one pushes me to eat junk food and they all respect my choices.

Planning Ahead
I’m staying at my brother’s. Before the trip, he called and asked me if I wanted any specific restaurant meals. I knew the options we would have, so I looked at the menus ahead of time. And he gave me a heads-up – he was making pizza one night, so I should plan that into my SmartPoints budget for the week. All said and done, I had a good idea of what I’d be eating before the trip even started.

Picking and Choosing
I wanted a piece of cake my sister-in-law baked, so I had it — and I didn’t feel guilty — I tracked it. However, I made sure to pass on the yummy cheese dip appetizer since I didn’t have enough SmartPoints left in my budget. The next night, I ate that delicious homemade pizza (which was a lot lower in SmartPoints value than in a restaurant), so I didn’t have any leftover cake. And so on and so on. I also made sure to have a healthy breakfast and lunch — i.e. a salad (with either tuna or salmon on them), and a low SmartPoints value smoothie, so that I could indulge a little more at dinner.

Smart Snacking
We made a special grocery-store run. One of my favorite low SmartPoints value snacks is vanilla Halo Top ice cream on top of berries. Even if I eat half of the pint, it’s just 4 SmartPoints value. So we stopped at a store, so that if I got a craving for something sweet, I could have it!

Get Moving
My last trip, I went to the gym. This time, I didn’t get there, but I found other ways to keep active. I was constantly picking up my little niece, and my nephew gave me a run for my money at the playground. I climbed and ran so much that I was actually sweating by the time we left.

So while I haven’t stepped on the scale yet, I know this week was a successful one — no matter what the number might be!

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