Traveling Goals Accomplished

By Shani Petroff

The last time I traveled, I had high hopes when it came to my vacation exercise regimen. I planned to go running, hit the gym, and use exercise videos. I had great intentions, but when it came to acting on my goals, I failed miserably. I didn’t exercise at all.

Well, this past week, I had a do-over of sorts. I was traveling again. And once again I had big plans for myself. This time I was going to work out.

I’ll admit: I was nervous that I would fail again.

But I’m happy to report that I succeeded!

I hit the gym, went to the pool, and while I didn’t use actual weights, I lifted my niece and nephew so many times, that it feels like my arms got a nice little workout.

It was easier this time. For several reasons:

1.   I was determined. I really wanted to accomplish what I set out to do.
2.   I had support. I was with family members who are also trying to get healthy (and some of them are also Weight Watchers members), and they made an extra effort too. They scheduled time for the gym, and I just tagged along.
3.    High-energy, adorable kids. Playing with my niece and nephew was not only fun, but also helped me get in some activity. Whether we were running around, swimming, or seeing how high I could lift them, I was on the move a lot!

As for my eating? Well, as far as vacations go, it was probably one of my better ones for food consumption. I still went over my SmartPoints® a bit, but I tried to make decent choices. I only took dessert once, I chose fish for most of my meals, and I didn’t stuff myself. The pizza dinner I had was a splurge (and I had one piece too many), and I munched on some of the chips and bread that the servers put out before the actual meals came.  Overall, I think I did okay.

I still have improvements to make, but compared to my last trip this was significantly better.

I’m now ready to face the new week without any regrets and without a big gain! So, I call that a win!

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