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The SmartPoints® values of some foods look strange and I’m seeing a grey bell symbol:

These are foods that miss certain nutrient information and need to be converted. If you add the additional nutrients needed, they'll look fine. 

Multi-add functionality: Meal Builder is coming soon for iOS but you can currently use it on web and Android. Build a recipe by going to "My Foods" and tapping "Create." Coming soon: Multi-swipe!

Looking for your favorites? As you scroll down within your foods, or your favorites, you will see ‘More Results’ at the bottom. Click this and you will be able to see the rest of your list on the web. If you're using the Mobile app, simply scroll down.

Message Boards: From the My Day tab, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Community on the bottom right. (Hint: Community might be hidden behind the 24/7 Chat Box. Shrink the Chat box by clicking the upper down arrow on the upper right of the box). 

Account Info: Find your Monthly Pass or Lifetime Membership vouchers and other account and billing settings by clicking the Profile icon on the upper right of the screen. Select Settings, then Account. 

Mobile app info: We support iOS 8 or higher. Please keep your Mobile app updated for the best experience possible. 

Changing your weigh-in day: To change your weigh-in day, log into the subscriber site and click your initials on the top right of My Day. Select Settings, then Weight, and change your weigh-in day there.