Summer Staples

By Shani Petroff

The weather is hot, and the clothes are tinier. I still have a long way to go until my goal weight, but I am not letting that stop me from dressing for the season. I truly believe confidence is key at any size. So I have some summer staples that make me look and feel great!

The wrap/A-line dress: We all have styles that flatter. The trick is finding it and playing it up. I personally love wearing a good A-line or wrap dress that cinches at my waist and flows at my hips. Throw in a ruffled sleeve, flowered pattern, or pastel, and I’m in the summer mood! (I also tend to wear a pair of biker shorts underneath, because a combo of heat and thighs rubbing together can create an uncomfortable situation.)

Cutout tops: If there’s ever a time to be daring, summer is it! Everywhere you look there seems to be skin on display. I have a bunch of tops that have keyholes or cutouts near the chest. It shows off some cleavage and makes me feel sexy. I love wearing them for dates or when I’m going to be in a picture — it gives me that extra confidence boost.

Fun T-shirts: Showing skin isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and that is totally okay! There’s something for everyone. I also have a few superhero T-shirts in my drawer that I love. One has the Wonder Woman logo on it, and it reminds me to be strong, courageous and brave — and not worry what anyone thinks of my size, my clothing choices, or me!

Skorts: I don’t tend to wear shorts, it feels too casual for work or a date, but I found something that comes close that I can get away with in the office: Skorts. They are shorts but have the appearance of a skirt. It works for me on so many levels. I don’t have to worry about accidentally flashing anyone or my thighs rubbing together. I have the comfort of shorts, but the look of a skirt. Currently I have a jean version, a beige one, and one in black. They look great with both my cutout tops and my Wonder Woman T-shirt. Throw in some comfy sandals, and I have a whole outfit.

Bathing Suit: I know a lot of people fear this one. I did. But then I forced myself to get over it. I didn’t want to let insecurities stop me from taking part in fun activities (or from getting in some great exercise). So I found (after an extensive search) a bathing suit I really liked, and I wear it with pride. If you’re still hesitant to put on a swimsuit, check out this article for some extra motivation.

What are your summer staples? You can find me on Connect @shani! I’d love to hear from you.

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