Summer Dates to Try

By Shani Petroff

A lot of dates (romantic or with friends) seem to revolve around food. There are dinners, drinks, desserts, and so on. However, many fun activities don’t involve using any SmartPoints® values! Here are some of my summertime ideas.

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Go hiking or walk a trail: When the weather is nice, I like making the most of the outdoors. Hiking and walking a trail are both great options. I personally prefer a flat trail while on a date. I get red in the face quickly when I start going uphill, but I can walk a straight path for long time. I was in Virginia with my boyfriend, and we were looking for something to do. We chose a park that was also a wildlife sanctuary. It had an easy-to-follow path and benches to sit on that let us look out at the water. It was a great way to spend time together and even get some exercise in. Botanical gardens are also really great! (Pro tip: Bring water with you!)

Check out a street fair: In New York City, this time of year, street fairs pop up all the time. It’s fun to look at the different art pieces, try on funky sunglasses, and check out all of the booths. Taking someone along is a light, easy way to get to know them and see what kinds of things they like! And if you do want something to eat along the route, there’s always watermelon spears or corn on the cob for sale—neither of which will cost you any SmartPoints values!

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Play in the park: Grab a Frisbee, a phone with your favorite music, a couple of games, a big blanket, and soak up the sun! It’s a fun way to spend a summer afternoon. (And if you want a snack, bringing along some berries, grapes, and cut-up melon is always a great option! For an added touch, put the fruit on little skewers. It’s super easy, but looks like an adorable appetizer that took effort.) If you’re looking for the park experience with a little something extra, head to the beach—or the pool. Swimming and playing in the water (or sand) is a great summer activity!

Outdoor movies, concerts, dancing, and shows: There’s always something fun to do outside this time of year. I’m a fan of going to Shakespeare in the Park here in NYC. (I’ve waited for hours in the park to get free tickets—which is also something you can do with a partner for some bonding time. I saw one couple cuddling in a sleeping bag and listening to music while they waited.) I love being outside and watching a show. However, if Shakespeare isn’t your speed, do a google search for activities in your area. You may be surprised by all the events you find! Near me there are outdoor concerts, swing dancing, movies, and more! I usually find a bunch of things I’d love to do this time of year.

Beat the heat with a museum or movie: Some days feel too hot to be outside. Don’t worry, there are lots of fun indoor possibilities to experience, too! Check out a museum, an aquarium, a movie—they’re all well air-conditioned and will give you something to talk about with your date!

What are some of your favorite summer outings that don’t revolve around food? You can find me on Connect @shani!

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