Spring Spruce Up

How a Haircut Can Be a Fresh Start

By Kara Richardson Whitely, author of Gorge

I got a haircut.

This seems like a simple thing — except I’d been waiting to do this since the fall. For some reason, trimming my locks took second fiddle to everything else. I even got my hair highlighted but because I was running short on time, I didn’t get my hair cut that day.

But after months of delaying my overdue appointment with the salon, with spring in the air, I hightailed to SuperCuts, because I’ve been trying to be careful about my budget. I had a million things to do that day but I plunked myself in the chair.

It was so lovely to have some time to care for myself and have the nicest conversation with Ivy, who has the rad-est purple hair I’ve ever seen. The cut was great. All the dead ends from winter were left on the floor to be swept away. I was left feeling fresh, and, well, springy.  Maybe it was because after all the things I do for my family, I was doing something just for me and that’s a great energy to start the season. This simple act left bounce in my step. I was reminded that I truly love this season, because it’s a time to restart outdoor living from walking just about everywhere to grilling healthy meals. I returned home to start spring-cleaning my life.

This small moment of self-care led to sprucing up my room, getting my spring clothes out, and figuring out what kinds of things I needed for the warmer weather. I even ordered new undergarments — something I had also put off but now need to do because of my shrinking body. (Yay!)

Then I took a moment to start figuring out the projects I wanted to take on in my house — from organizing the attic to donating any clothes my kids had outgrown. I focused on the kinds of things I could do outside my house. I planned a project to revamp our lawn, which had been taken over by weeds. I took the girls over to the community garden and planted peas, carrots, parsnips, beets, kale, and lettuce. 

Spring is a time of rebirth as the daffodils are emerging in the yard. I like to use this season as a chance to start again with new looks and habits. In fact, I’d like to think this emergence from winter could be more powerful than New Year’s resolutions. The whole cold season is behind you, rooting for warmer, sunnier days. 

Amazing what a little haircut can start.

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