Spring Cleaning

By Shani Petroff

It’s spring — a time for new beginnings. We changed the clocks, we sprang forward, and now I plan to spring forward in my health goals as well. To do that I’m jumping into my spring-cleaning — Weight Watchers–style.

Cleaning out my Closets. I have clothes that span the spectrum when it comes to sizes. I don’t like to get rid of the big clothes for fear I may gain weight, and I don’t want to get rid of the small sizes because I hope to get down there again. But here’s the thing — I am working to make lifelong changes — and I have faith in myself, so for those way-too-big clothes? It’s time to donate them. And the small ones? Well, it depends. I’m keeping some, but others are so old and outdated that even if I got down to my goal weight, I’d never wear them. They’re just taking up space, and they need to go. That’ll open up room for clothes that fit and make me feel confident now — and when the time comes, I will swap them out for smaller sizes!

Kitchen Cleanup. I can be a binge-eater. One piece of chocolate will turn into a bag of chocolate, one spoonful of ice cream will turn into a pint of ice cream, and so forth. So I’m saying goodbye to the trigger foods. Some people can have junk food in their homes and eat it in moderation. I am not one of those people — at least not yet. So my cabinets and fridge are being cleared of the empty calories and filled with nutritious, good-for-me food.

Eradicating the Excuses. Another thing I’m throwing out this spring? The excuses. The ‘It’s too cold to exercise,’ the ‘I’m tired,’ and the ‘I’ll do it tomorrow.’ Because let’s face it, the weather is getting nicer, I’ll always be tired, and there’s no time like the present. So I’m saying goodbye to why I can’t do things, and embracing the reasons that I can.

See Ya Self-Doubt. This is a doozy. Self-doubt. I beat myself up. A lot. I worry if I’m good enough, pretty enough, talented enough, and countless other “enoughs.” But enough is enough. I need to have faith in myself, I need to know I’m amazing the way I am, that I can reach my goals and do whatever I put my mind, body, and heart to. I’m going to kick out those negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. For every put-down, I’m going to give myself two compliments. And if I stick with this all spring, I have no doubt that my summer will be even brighter!

What are some of your spring-cleaning plans? Let me know! You can find me on Connect @shani!
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