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The SmartPoints® Plan

Eat what you love, just smarter!
Published December 20, 2016

Welcome to the SmartPoints Plan

We want to help you reach your weight-loss goals, but we also want you to eat what you love. (Just smarter!) So, we’re going to help you build a positive, healthy relationship with that food, one that can last a lifetime. 

How can we do all that? Meet SmartPoints, our unique plan that actively nudges you towards more nutritious food choices. 

Here’s how it works

Every food and drink is assigned a SmartPoints value, one easy-to-use number that’s based on calories, saturated fat, sugar and protein. 

The reason for that is because numerous studies have confirmed the benefits of eating less added sugar and saturated fat and more protein – not just for weight loss, but for all sorts of other healthy reasons, too. 

So, by taking those three ‘things’ into account, on top of a food’s calorie content, the SmartPoints plan naturally steers you towards healthier choices and away from the not-so-healthy options.

Spending your SmartPoints

 Every food has a SmartPoints value, based on its nutrition. You get a personalized amount of SmartPoints to spend on anything you like.  

For example, let's say that your Daily SmartPoints Target is 30. You might spend it like this: 


You'll quickly see that some foods are a better "value" than others, SmartPoints-wise. 

Let's break it down

Things to remember

You have a daily SmartPoints Target and Weekly SmartPoints, both personalized to you. Use them as you like, but to get the most bang for your buck, stick to foods that are lower in SmartPoints values.
Your daily SmartPoints Target doesn’t roll over; it resets each day. The same goes for Weekly SmartPoints; you start fresh each week.
Your Target will change as you make progress.
We recommend that you take a multivitamin-mineral supplement (one that delivers no more than 100% of the % Daily Value (DV).
Check with your doctor if you have specific dietary needs. 

But here’s the real secret to success: Be kind to yourself. Perfection is overrated. It tends to lead straight to the ‘I’ve blown it’ effect, where one bowl of chocolate ice-cream makes you feel like you might as well give up and go for seconds. 

Instead, be pretty good most of the time: Follow your budget, make healthy choices, and keep going. This is a lifestyle, not a temporary fix.