SmartPoints-Friendly Pancake Recipes

By Amy Gorin, MS, RDN

Did you know that National Pancake Day is Tuesday, September 26? Although I don’t eat them super-often, I think pancakes are delicious. When whipping them up, there are a few things you can do to make them more SmartPoints®-friendly:

  • Make the pancakes thin. My recent favorites are the thin, sometimes savory Dutch pancakes I enjoyed while on vacation in Amsterdam a couple of years ago! Prepare them by  using less batter per pancake equals less calories and a lower SmartPoints value.
  • Add fruit to the batter. Experiment with banana slices and berries. The fruit will add volume to the recipe for 0 SmartPoints value!
  • Use a whole-grain mix. Per 1/3 cup of dry mix, whole wheat or buckwheat pancake mix has 4 SmartPoints value, versus 5 SmartPoints value for regular mix. That’s a nice savings!
  • Swap your topping. This will help cut down on SmartPoints. Consider heated frozen berries for 0 SmartPoints value or a runny egg for 2 SmartPoints value as a topping, versus butter or syrup. A ¼-cup serving of pancake syrup has 8 SmartPoints value, and a tablespoon of butter has 2 SmartPoints value.

Ready to get cooking? Here are a few of my favorite Weight Watchers recipes:

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