Slow Down and Savor

Published November 4, 2016

Take time to taste

Taking the time to notice and enjoy every bite makes you feel more satisfied and also helps you register when you’re actually full.

As we understand more about what we really want, it’s harder to accept subpar options.
It becomes important to only spend SmartPoints on things that are TRULY worth it.

To bring mindfulness into eating and cooking, relish in the creation of a beautiful plate. Spend time exploring flavors that’ll titillate your taste buds.

Take a few moments before you eat to


and notice your thoughts and feelings.

Savor your first few bites; studies show that food doesn’t taste better the more you eat.1


Stomach growling? Check out this slow-down-&-savor meal plan.

1. Rolls BJ, et al. Sensory-specific satiety in man. Physiol Behav. 198; 27:137-42.